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The Bowles of Sarnia, Ontario

The James Bowles and family of Franktown, Beckwith twp. moved to Sarnia in 1861.  See James Bowles of Sarnia.
A son, James Bowles Jr. moved on to Sombra township in the 1870's.  Another son, Henry James Bowles, learned the photography trade and became Harry Bowles, Photographer in Winnipeg, Sarnia and Pembina, ND.
The following Bowles with a Johnston connection is probably connected somehow to the apparently completely unrelated John Bowles of Sombra family.
William Johnston Bowles m. Jane McMaster
1.      Eliza Bowles b. 1849 Sarnia
m.  Robert Stonehouse, age 68, merchant of Wallaceburg
(b. ~1830 York twp; David, Hannah Charlton)
Nov. 8, 1898  ref # 008258/98

Other Sarnia Bowles references which are not connected up to anyone else yet:

Lestis Cameron Bowles b. May 1, 1894 Sarnia  (need to check ref. # 014617/94  reel 1846241)

Harry Douglas Bowles, a carpenter  m. Ella Mabel Hamilton (b. 1882 Petrolia; William, Eliza McLean)
Aug. 20, 1902 Bunyan, Sarnia twp.   ref. # 009960/02


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