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New Additions to my Web Site

Additions in 2019

The Bowles of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire

The Bowles of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire Family Tree

The Bowles of Great Gaddesden in London

The Bowles of Saskatchewan, Canada (for now just one Bowles line which settled in SK from Great Gaddesden via The Bahamas)

Tobias Bowles of Charleston, South Carolina


Additions in  April-Dec 2018 (Since The Creation of my New Site in March)

Special Project On My Bowles' neighbours The Taylors of Ballickmoyler (1st draft published Dec. 19, 2018)
(my thanks to Phil Taylor of Melbourne for the inspiration and support)

The Taylors of Ballickmoyler

The Taylors From Scotland

The Taylors From Scotland Family Tree

Quaker Source References for the Taylors of Ballickmoyler

Quaker Source References for The Taylors From Scotland

Taylor References in Quaker Meeting Registers 

Other Taylor Lines with Potential Connections to the Taylors from Scotland

Quaker Source References for Other Taylor Lines


General Bowles Research In 2018

The Catholic Bowles of Cloyne (co. Cork)

The Catholic Boles Line in the Mallow Area (under construction)

The Bowles of Charleville (under construction)

The Bowles of Devonshire

Roger Bole of Saltash, Cornwall

The Boles of Pillaton (under construction)

Inquisitions Post Mortem re: John Bole

The Bowles of Cornwall (under construction)

John Bole of Devon and Cornwall (under construction)

The Bowles of Aghern, co. Cork (under construction)

The Boles at Moyge, county Cork

Richard Boles of Moyge, co. Cork

Thomas Boles of Kilbree (under construction)

Sorting Out the Two Richard Boles/Catherine Rogers Couples

 The Boles Cure for Ruptures (under construction)

The Coopers of Coopers Hill, Queen's county

The Coopers of Coopers Hill Family Tree

Carlow Deed Memorials

Ballickmoyler Deed Memorials


Previous Updates to This New Additions Page

March 2018

ancestry.com became even more ruthless this year and took down all the servers which it had acquired from rootsweb for 'security' reasons.  After making one excuse after another they finally admitted that they wouldn't be bringing the freepages sites back up again. I was forced to migrate my site to another provider which allowed me to register my own domain name so after 3 months of being unavailable it is now back up as  bowlesfamilyhistory.ca

A New Section: Exploring the Boles/Gaggin Connection

John Boles Gaggin of Cork

The Gaggins of County Cork

The Gaggins of County Cork Family Tree

The Gookin Line of West Cork

The Gookins of County Kent, England

The Gookins of County Kent Family Tree

Lord Bandon of Cork


Dec. 15, 2017

My apologies for not updating this page regularly as I have rather neglected it since I created it in 2009. 

Note: You won't be reading this right now as my site is currently 'not available' due to some security problems experienced by ancestry.com which bought the assets of rootsweb a few years ago with the understanding that they would continue to support the freepages servers.

These are the pages which have been added or significantly changed in the past 2 years (March 2015 - December 2017):

(note: the pages in blue and underlined are links to the new pages; those listed but still in black type are pages that I was ready to publish but still needed some fact checking or some new information came to light which I wanted to add to those pages before publishing, sorry about the backlog, I'm a bit swamped but I'm getting to them)

Misc. Bowles Info

The Origins of the Bowles Name

A Norman Origin of the Bowles Name

A Middle English Origin of the Bowles Name

The Battle Abbey Roll

Possible Bowles Ancestor References in the Domesday Book of 1086

Boels in 'The Norman People and their Existing Descendants'

The de Boeles in the Monasticon Anglicanum

The de Boeles in Rôles Gascons


Bowles of Great Britain Pages

Bowles Of Great Britain (updated)

The Bowles of Wales (updated)

The Bowles of Monmouthshire, Wales

The Bowles of England (updated)

The Earliest Bowles in England

The Bowles of Yorkshire

Roger de Busli of Tickhill, Yorkshire

Ernold de Builli of Kimberworth, Yorkshire

Possible Bowles Ancestor References in the Domesday Book of 1086

Roger de Bully’s Holdings in the Domesday Book of 1086

The Bowles of London and Middlesex

The Bowles Families of London: Printer/Publishers

The Bowles of Myddelton House

The Bowles of Myddelton House Family Tree

The Thomas Carrington Bowles of Maryland Mystery

The Bolles of Westgate Hundred, Kent

The Bolle of Chartham, Kent (major update)

Bolles Hall of Chartham

John Bowles of Eltham's Family Tree

The Bolles of Deal (major update)

Other Bowles of Deal

The Bowles of Sandwich, Kent

Bowles in the Parish Registers of Dover, Eastry, Great Mongeham, Deal, Walmer, Ringwould

Thomas Bowles, a Boatman of Ramsgate

Bowles in the African Trade to the Americas

Two Thomas Bowles, Merchants of London and Bristol

Thomas Bowles of Hagley, Worcestershire

The Bowles of Worcestershire Family Tree

Bowles in The Forgotten Trade

The Bowles of Berkshire

The Bowles of Bedfordshire (major updates are ongoing)

The Bowles Connections to Ramsey Abbey

The Cartuary of Ramsey Monastery

The Bowles of Somerset (removed for updating)

The Bowles of Staffordshire

Hughe de Boeles of Rushall, co. Stafford

The Bowles of Norfolk and Suffolk

The Joshua Bowles of Norwich Family

The Bowles of Earsham, co. Norfolk

Major-General Robert Bowles

Bowles of Lincolnshire Focus

The Bowles of Lincolnshire

The Early Bolles in Lincolnshire

The Roots of the Bolles of Swineshead

The Bolles of Swineshead Parish

The Bolles of Swineshead’s Family Tree

Proposed Additions to the Bolles of Swineshead Family Tree

The Bolles of Bolle Hall, Swineshead Parish

Bolle Hall in Swineshead Parish

The Question of the Bolles of Swineshead as the Lords of Swineshead

The Lords of Swineshead

Robert Grelley, Lord of Swineshead Info

Connections Between William Bolle and John La Warre, the 8th Lord of Swineshead

The Bolles of Haugh Pedigrees

The Inquisitions Post Mortem of William, Cecily and Joan Bolle (1326-1332)

The Bolle’s Landholding in Coningesby (removed pending some new information)

The Bolles of Haugh

The Bolles of Haugh Family Tree (major updates)

William Bowles, Escheator

Bolles in the Lincolnshire Assize Rolls of 1202-1209

Bolles in the Hundred Roll of 1274

Bolles in the Lay Subsidy of Lincolnshire of 1332

Hiptoft Hall at Hill Six Acres, Algarkirke

The Bolles' Neighbours at Hoffleet

The Bolles and de Meres

The Bolles of Lincolnshire and the Civil War of 1321/22


Bowles of Ireland Pages

The Bowles of Dublin (updated)

William Bowles, Coal-Factor of Dublin

Walter Bowles, a gardener, of Tipperary, Wales, Carlow and Dublin

Walter Bowles the Gardener's Family Tree

The Bowles of Wicklow

William Bowles, Gardener at Seapark, co. Wicklow

The Two Bowles Gardeners and the Bowles of Silvermines - Any Connection?

The Bowles of Kilcooly, co. Tipperary (updated)

The Bowles of Oola, co. Limerick (updated)

The Bowles of Kilcooly's Connection to The Bowles of Oola

The Bowles of Silvermines, co. Tipperary

James Bowles' References in the Griffiths Survey Workbooks for Silvermines

The Bowles of The Commons, Kilcooly

The Bowles of Springhill, co. Tipperary

The Bowles of Kilcooly, co. Tipperary

The Bowles of Bawnlea, Kilcooly parish, co. Tipperary

The Bowles of Kilcooly's Connection to the Bowles of Oola, co. Limerick

Sorting Out The Bowles of Kilcooly and Killenaule and Area

The Possibility of a Connection between The Bowles of Killenaule and John Bowles of Woodhouse

The Bowles of Crohane

Background to the Protestant/Catholic 'Troubles' Particularly in the Southern Counties in the early 1800's

The Anti-Catholic Petitions of 1827

The Massacre of Protestants at Scullabogue in County Wexford

Bawnlea Townland

The Tithe Assessment of 1826 for Kilcooly parish

The Tithe Wars and the 1831 Tithe Defaulters List for Tipperary

The Bowles of Clare

The Griffith Valuations of Ireland

Thomas Bowles, Deputy Treasurer of Cromwell’s Army in Ireland

Captain Thomas Boulds or Bowles of Dublin

John Blackwell, Treasurer of Great Britain Under Cromwell

Thomas Bowles Jr and Family of Dublin

Thomas Bowles III and Family of Dublin

Thomas Bowles of Dublin Family Tree

The Plunketts of Rathbeale Family Tree

Deed Memorials Relevant to the Thomas Bowles Family of Dublin

Richard Boles of Cork's Family Tree (significant updates from Quaker sources)

Who Married Abigail Ende?

The Davis Pedigree of the Boles of Cork

Friends References for the George Boles Family of Dublin (removed for additional changes)

The Bowles of Aghern, co. Cork (not complete)

Incident at Newtown Barry

Incident at Newtown Barry - The Coroner's Inquest

Incident at Newtown Barry - Trial at the Wexford Assizes

Bowles References in Tyrone

New Bowles of Ballickmoyler Research (my own line)

The Bowles of Ballickmoyler, co. Laois (updated)

The Bowles of Ballickmoyler Family Tree (updated)

Michael Bowles of Ballickmoyler

Further Research Needed (re: Michael Bowles' connection to 3rd Earl of Harrington)

Memoirs of the Earl of Harrington

History of the 85th Foot Regiment

Rosters of the Various Regiments that Michael Bowles Served In

The Loyal Nottingham Foresters

The Bowles in Carlow Town

William Bowles of Carlow (updated)

William Bowles of Carlow's Family Tree (updated)

William Bowles of Carlow's Property (Griffith's Survey team's workbooks)

Thomas Bowles and Family of Dublin (our almost connection to Guinness)

Robert Bowles of Ballickmoyler and Dublin

The Robert Bowles Family of Ballickmoyler, co. Laois and Dublin's Family Tree

Robert Bowles Agricultural Implements Company

Some Related Quaker Families in Dublin

The Bowles Draper Shops in Dublin

Thomas Bowles, a Printer of Dublin

The Bowles in Louisiana

The Bowles of co. Laois, Ireland in New Orleans

Bowles in the U.S. Pages

(see also the above two pages)

Evan Bowles of St Mary’s Parish, Louisiana

Captain John W Bowles

Major Flavius J Bowles

The Bowles of Rapides Parish

Other Bowles in New Orleans

William B. Bowles of New Orleans

The Bowles of Louisiana in the War of 1812

Bowles in Canada Pages

Harry Bowles Photographer in Sarnia, Winnipeg and Pembina, ND

James Bowles of Sarnia, Ontario

The Bowles of Cumberland county (Nova Scotia)

Bowles Families in Cumberland of African Descent (James Bowles of Amherst)

James Bowles of Amherst’s Family Tree


No changes were made between 2013 and March 2015 due to family health problems.

I cannot track the changes made to the site between 2009 and 2013 due to the site having to be completely rebuilt in 2013 after a catastrophic site failure in 2009 thanks to Microsoft.


Added/Updated Between January 2008 and Jan. 9, 2009

The Bowles of Kent

The Boles of Ickham, Kent

The Boles of Canterbury

The Bolles of Chartham, Kent

The Bowles of Chatham

Charles Bowles of Chatham





Misc. Bowles of Kent

The Sussex Hermit

The Early History of the Boles in London

The Bowles of London and Middlesex

John Bolle, Grocer of London



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