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Bowles of Sombra twp.

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There were at least two large Bowles families in Sombra twp.
James Bowles Jr. was born in Franktown, Ont. and moved to Sombra from Sarnia in 1870's.  He was Reeve of Sombra twp. in 1901 and moved on to work in the lumber industry in Espanola, MI from 1906-09 and moved to Vancouver in 1918.  See his father's page James Bowles of Sarnia
A John Bowles born in Tipperary, Ireland settled in Sombra.  See John Bowles of Sombra
Not yet fit into one of the above:

Sarah Elizabeth b. Nov. 23, 1895 Sombra  (check ref. # 015538/95  reel 1846247)

Map of Sombra township in 1879
For a higher quality version of the same map (will take longer to download) click on  Sombra

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