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The Bowles of Wexford 

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My direct ancestor, John Bowles, originally of Ballickmoyler, co. Laois, settled his family in Dunleckney, co. Carlow for a few years but then decided to move the family to Canada in 1817.  He probably sailed from the port of New Ross in 1818 along with a large number of Protestant families from Carlow and Wexford.  The family is listed as number 569, a party of 9, in a record of 709 families in Carlow and Wexford preparing to emigrate from Ireland to Canada in 1818.  ref.

But there were other Bowles in Wexford before my own line passed through there.

There were a couple of so far unconnected Bowles lines in Wexford.  Two of which have strong connections to my own Bowles in Ballickmoyler, co. Laois line and so probably have a connection to each other as well but I have not found that connection in the Wexford sources I've studied so far.

The most important one to my own line is William Bowles of Wingfield at the extreme northern end of Wexford on the border with Wicklow.  William is a "99% certain" link which ties my "absolutely sure" line in Ballickmoyler to that of Phineas Bowles of Kilmainham, Dublin and through him back to my family's origin in Chatham, co. Kent, England

The other line is The Bowles of New Ross and the Camross Area who have strong indicative ties to Coopers, who were my Bowles' landlords in Ballickmoyler, and also to Bowles in co. Carlow where my own line settled in the same period.  See The Bowles and Cooper Connection in Wexford, Carlow and Laois

Another link to Ballickmoyler which has not yet been fitted into this puzzle would be the marriage of Francis Young of the Parish of Newtown Barry (now called Bunclody) co. Wexford and Ann Bowles of Ballickmoyler at the Castletown church on June 28, 1808.


The earliest references were The Bowles in Wexford (town) itself and then there were just a few references down on the south coast at Bannow and Ballyhealy, see The Bowles of South Wexford and lastly see Misc. Bowles in Wexford for a few scattered references which haven't been fit into the main pages yet.

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