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The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and Great Britain

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The Bowles of Lancashire

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England's Industrial Revolution of the 1700's was born in Manchester and continued well into the 1800's.  The demand for employment brought many labourers and skilled tradesmen including many Bowles, with many spelling variations of that name, who traveled from all over England and from rebellion-torn Ireland to find work and a better life.

In my own Bowles line, I believe that Michael Bowles of Ballickmoyler, Queen's county, Ireland married and settled his family in Manchester while he served in the British Army from 1770 to 1792.  I have not proven this as a certainty yet but the evidence is compelling.

John William Bowles of West Derby (now a suburb of north Liverpool) was born in Ireland, possibly in Limerick.

Other Bowles references in Lancashire:

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