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The Bowles of Kerry

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There were Bowles in Kerry's county town of Tralee as well as in two of the most famous natural beauty areas of Ireland, the Killarney lakes district and the Dingle Peninsula.
There are actually two known Boles/Bowles lines in Tralee, co. Kerry but neither have been fully researched yet.  There appears to be no connection between them so far.
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Boles (possibly of Tipperary) in Tralee

This is only an attempt to sort out several pieces of information.  Nothing here is set in stone yet.
The 1835 Voters List of Tralee, co. Kerry has only one Bowles:
William Bowles, occupation- Smith, address- Boherbee,
religion- Protestant or Dissenter
An Anne Boles died at Tralee in 1864 at age 74 (so born ~ 1790)
(Civil Registration Index 1864 vol. 20, p. 452)
this could put her in the same generation as William, possibly his wife.
A Grace Boles (age 21) married a Robert Farmer (age 29) at Dunurlin, Tralee on Feb. 11, 1855. (Civil registration)
The marriage registration gives her father as a William Bowles.  That would set her birth at about 1834 when Anne would have been 44 which would have been possible but it may also mean that there was another generation in between them.  Anne could have been a William Jr.'s mother if he was born about 1813 and then he would have been 23 when Grace was born.
There is an entry in a 1917 list of pedigrees which claims that a William Bowles from Tipperary, the son of a William Bowles and Grace Woods, married a Susan Swindell of co. Kerry.  ref.
No sources are given for the claim and although contact information is given for the author he would be long gone now so the claim cannot be accepted without more confirmation.  However, that reference predates the loss of the vast majority of Irish records by fire in 1922 so the author would have had access to information which is no longer available to us.  It appears to refer to a William Bowles we have documented in Fethard, co. Tipperary.  That William was a whitesmith (tinsmith) of Fethard, born about 1782, the son of John Bowles and Grace Woods, who was discharged from the Tipperary Militia in 1829. See John Boles of Fethard's Family Tree   His appearance in Tralee by 1835, occupation Smith and with a daughter named Grace (named after his mother) would all be consistent with the claim.
There were also several Boles events in Limerick involving a Richard Swindell Boles which were reported in the Kerry Evening Post ref. supporting the suggestion of the William Boles/Susan Swindell marriage.  An 1867 marriage record at St. Michael's Limerick for a Richard Boles, Examining Officer, of 58 George Street, Limerick  (this would be Richard Swindell Boles as we know that he was employed as a Customs Officer in Limerick) gives his father's name as William Boles.  We have a firm connection between these Limerick references and the Tralee Boles as there is a letter in the possession of current Swindell researchers documenting a visit by an ancestor of theirs with a Dr. John Swindell Boles in Tralee in 1848.  This is likely a reference to an elder brother of Richard's.
Just hypothetically putting that all together to see how the details work we would have:
John Boles of Fethard
m. Grace Woods ~ 1769 Fethard
1. William Boles b. ~ 1782 (their 6th child, see John Boles of Fethard's Family Tree)
(a tinsmith in Fethard who served in the Tipperary Militia from 1806 to 1829 after which he settled in Tralee on an army pension (note: this is the major point which appears to be correct but which is not yet confirmed))
m. Susan (Anne?) Swindell (b. ~ 1790) (the sister of Chancellor Richard Swindell)
1.1  Susanna Boles b. ~ 1816 (married in Tralee in 1836)
m. John Daly June 10, 1836 Tralee, co. Kerry (C of I) ref.
m. John O'Daly July 7, 1836 Tralee, co. Kerry (R.C.) ref.
1.1.1  Anne O'Daly bp. May 7, 1837 Tralee, co. Kerry (R.C.)  ref.
1.2  John Swindell Boles b. possibly 1818  (A Dr. living in Tralee, co. Kerry in 1848)
1.3  Richard Swindell Boles b. before 1835 (as old or older than his wife)
(Examining Officer for HM Customs at Limerick; and nephew of Chancellor Richard Swindell, Diocese of Ardfert & Aghadoe ref.; possibly moved to London after his wife's death in 1875 (Myers))
m. Sophia (Sophy) Mary Parker (b. ~ 1835 Thomas, Esq. of Ballyglass, co. Tipperary) Apr. 25, 1867 St. Michael's, Limerick, co. Limerick ref.  ref.
1.3.1 Richard Swindell Boles born Dec. 24, 1868 Cecil St., St. Michael’s parish, Limerick, co. Limerick ref.
Richard d. May 31, 1875 (age 6) Summerville Terrace, Limerick, co. Limerick bur. June 1, 1875 Tralee ref.
1.3.2 Andrew Thomas Boles born Nov. 30, 1869 St. Michael’s parish, Limerick, co. Limerick ref.
1.3.3 Anne Amelia Boles born Dec. 3, 1871 Summerville Terrace, Limerick, co. Limerick ref.
Sophia Mary d. Feb. 1, 1875 (age 39) Summerville Terrace, Limerick, co. Limerick bur. Feb. 2, 1875 Tralee ref.
1.4  Grace Boles b. ~ 1834 (lived Keelmelkedar in 1855)
m. Robert Farmer (b. ~ 1825; Richard, Elizabeth O'Neill) Feb. 11, 1855 Tralee, co. Kerry (C of I) ref.
(Robert was a Turnkey and Miller at the Kerry County Gaol, Ballymullen ref.)
1.4.1  Richard Boles Farmer bp. Apr. 10, 1861 Tralee, co. Kerry ref.
1.4.2  Anne Farmer (bp. C of I)
m. William Henry Chamberlin 1878
1.4.3  William Boles Farmer bp. 1864 (in St. John's Castle Street RC church) and again July 12, 1864 Tralee, co. Kerry (bp. C of I)
m. Henrietta Evaleen Graves 1895
1.4.4  Grace Farmer b. Sept. 26, 1866 Tralee, co. Kerry (bp. C of I)
m. William Byrnes McCarthy
1.4.5  Robert Boles Farmer b. Nov. 21, 1869 Tralee, co. Kerry and bp. Dec. 14, 1869 Tralee C of I, co. Kerry ref.
m. Louisa Dobson Tansley
(the above Farmer family references are from IRL-Kerry-L on ancestry.com; all C of I references were at St. John's Ashe Street Church of Ireland, Tralee)
Anne d. 1864 (age 74) Tralee
William Boles d. & bur. Dec. 26, 1860 (at age 80) Tralee, co. Kerry ref.
We'll know more once the full civil registration record for Anne's death is obtained.  Richard Swindell Boles and Grace Boles' marriage civil registrations records will also be helpful.
My thanks to John Swindell for sharing his Swindell family research with me.  Please contact John directly for further information regarding that family.
Myer's reference for this family:


Bowles of Norwich, England in Tralee

See also The Bowles of Norwich

Captain Henry-Buck Bowles of His Majesty's Dragoons (son of Joshua Bowles of Norwich, England)
m. ?
1.  Captain Henry Bowles of Mounthawk and Tralee (J.P. for Kerry; Magistrate in Kerry 1834) ref.  ref.
(Captain of the 81st Foot Regiment; sole heir to his Uncle Major-General Robert Bowles (1744-1812), Commander-in-Chief of Bombay, East India Co. note)
m. Elizabeth Bridget Stokes (Oliver Stokes (Magistrate for Kerry), Elizabeth Day) Nov. 1, 1817
Tralee ref.  ref.   ref.
no children are mentioned in Elizabeth's Will
Captain Henry Bowles d. before 1847 (he was of Sackville, co. Kerry at his death)
Elizabeth (living on Denny St. in Tralee in 1853 ref.)
d. May 1, 1857 Lassinagh near Tralee, co. Kerry ref.
This line does not seem to have continued as I have a copy of Elizabeth's proven Will which names her trustees as her brothers Major General John Day Stokes and Captain Patrick Day Stokes and her executors as her brothers Robert Day Stokes and Oliver Day Stokes.  There are extensive bequests to her four brothers and to their children but absolutely no mention of any children or any other Bowles relations other than a reference to a niece Henrietta Bridget Bowles alias Graham who may have been the daughter of her sister Honoria Graham.  Henrietta is also mentioned in a codicil to the Will as having married a Major Henry Walton Campbell since Elizabeth made her original bequests. 

Other Assorted Bowles references


These may be connected to one of the Boles/Bowles above:
Robert Bowles m. Sarah (Robert was of the 97th Regiment and of Tralee in 1828)
1.  Sarah Bowles bp. Aug. 13, 1828 Tralee  ref.
Sarah Bowles m. William Augustine Ellis July 26, 1829 Tralee (C of I)  ref.
1.  William Ellis bp. Mar. 10, 1830 Tralee R.C. ref.
2.  Sarah Ellis bp. Feb. 20, 1832 Tralee R.C.  ref.
3.  Harriet Ellis bp. Nov. 10, 1833 Killarney R.C.  ref.



There was a much earlier Richard Bowles than the one at Tralee, at Killarney in 1814: 
Richard Bowls m. Catherine Driscoll
1.  Mary Bowls bp. Nov. 6, 1814 Parish of Killarney R.C., co. Kerry
(sponsors: Patrick Mahoney, Ellen Harding) ref.
Arthur Frederick Vansittart Bowles was born at Killarney, co. Kerry (about 20 km SE of Tralee) on Nov. 10, 1875 to Arthur Humphrey Bowles of Woking, Surrey and his wife Gertrude Mackay (Civil Birth Registration).   See Charles Bradshaw Bowles, Vicar of Woking for more on this family.
There was also a Johanna Bowles who married at Killarney in Oct-Dec (4th Qtr.) 1886 but I don't have the full entry so I don't know if this is another connection to Surrey or not yet. (Civil Birth Registration vol. 5, p. 156)
Also this one:
John Bowele m. Bridget Power (they lived at Aghadoe near Killarney in 1863)
1.  John Bowle bp. Feb. 3, 1863 Fossa R.C. ref.


The Dingle Peninsula

Thomas Bowles, age 10 days, son of a labourer, died Jan. 23, 1865 Cutteen, Stradbally, co. Kerry; informant: Michael Bowles (his father?). Civil Death Registration: Record #1216, Castlegregory, Stradbally Civil Parish
(note: there is also a death record for a Mary Bowler, age 18, daughter of a labourer in Cutteen on Mar. 24, 1869 so both of these may be Bowler rather than Bowles, or both may be Bowles)
Stradbally near Castlegregory is on the Dingle Peninsula so the following Dingle registration district events may also connect although I don't have the full references yet:
Bridget Bowles, age 16, died in 1876 (Civil Registration vol. 5, p. 215)
James Bowles, age not given, died in Jan-Mar. (1st Qtr.) 1894 (Civil Registration vol. 5, p. 196)
John Bowles, born July-Sept. (3rd Qtr.) 1895 (Civil Registration vol. 5, p. 186)
Mary Bowles, age 80, died in Oct-Dec. (4th Qtr.) 1892 (Civil Registration vol. 5, p. 143)
Catharine Bowles m. Michael O'Donnell
1.  John O'Donnell b. May 28, 1873 Castlegregory, Kerry  ref.
At Knockglass on the Dingle peninsula between Castlegregory and Tralee (between Camp and Killelton on the map)
William Bowles m. Catherine Rae (they lived at Knockglass in 1811)
1. Elizabeth bp. Jan. 31, 1811 Kilgobbin C of I ref.


Near Killorglin, between Tralee and Kenmare

Michael Bowels m. Mary Forhan (lived Cock near Milltown in 1830)
1.  Julia Bowels bp. Oct. 5, 1830 Milltown R.C., co. Kerry  ref.



There are two references in the Kenmare registration district which includes Kilgarven (also index references only):
John Bolds birth in 1866 (Civil Registration vol. 15, p. 274)
Patrick Boales birth in 1877 (Civil Registration vol. 20, p. 296)
and some church events actually at Kilgarvan (so very likely the same family as above):
John Bowles m. Mary Casey  (of Shanaknuck in 1834, of Callan in 1837)
1.  John Bowles bp. Aug. 28, 1834 Kilgarven R.C.  ref.
2.  Joseph Bowles bp. Jan. 1, 1837 Kilgarven R.C.  ref.
Catherine Boals/Bolles/Bolds m. Richard Cronin Feb. 6, 1869 Kilgarvan R.C. (Catherine is Bolles)  ref.
(Civil Registration at Kenmare in volume 5, page 330)
1.  Honoria Cronin b. Nov. 12 or 14, 1869 Kilgarvan, co. Kerry (Catherine is Bolds)  ref. ref.
2.  Bridget Cronin b. Feb. 11, 1871 Kilgarvan, co. Kerry (Catherine is Boals) ref.
3.  Catherine Cronin bp. Jan. 10, 1875 Kilgarven, co. Kerry  ref.
Johanna Bowles m. Patrick Sullivan (they lived Roseighteragh in 1877)
(note: Patrick Sullivan was a witness at Catherine Boals marriage above)
1.  Patrick Sullivan bp. Nov. 8, 1877 Kilgarven R.C.  ref.
And one record at the Kenmare Workhouse in 1866.  This is possibly the same Johanna Bowles as above and is probably the daughter of John Bowles and Mary Casey above.
John Boles b. June 29, 1866 Kenmare Workhouse (R.C.) (father not named, mother:Johanna Boles)   ref.

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