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The Boles of Douglas, MB

James, William and Henry Boles were born in England in the 1850's and came to Canada in 1866 with their mother and their Uncle William after their father's death in 1864.  The family settled first in Fullarton twp., Perth county, Ontario but the three brothers went west to homestead north of Carberry, Manitoba in 1878.  After meeting their homestead requirements they sold that land in 1884.  James then acquired some new land near Douglas while Henry settled near Macdonald.  William later joined James in Douglas.
Later an older brother, Samuel, also joined his brothers in Douglas.
See also The Boles of Perth county and The Boles of Macdonald, MB.

James Boles

James married Jane Foster in Ontario in about 1877 and they headed west with baby Cynthia to homestead north of Carberry in 1878.  They moved on to Douglas, MB in 1884 and settled at 8-11-17-1W.  In 1892 their home was leveled by a cyclone but they rebuilt with the help of James' brother William.   In 1913 James retired to a house in Douglas and his son George took over the family farm.  James was Reeve of the Municipality of Elton for several years.
Note: a local history of Douglas, MB states that James Boles moved from Carberry to farm 8-11-17 1W near Douglas in 1881.  However, their land patent for their farm at Carberry (17-11-15 W1) was granted in January 1884 and to obtain that grant they would have had to meet the residency requirement.  They probably sold their land soon after acquiring their rights to it in 1884 and then moved to Douglas.  James Boles Land Grant
James b. Sept. 30, 1854 England
m. Jane (or Jane Ann or Janine Anne) Foster ~ 1877 Ontario
1.   Cynthia b. ~ 1877 probably Ontario
m. William Albert Downey Nov. 25, 1896 Elton, MB  ref. # 001741/96
they settled in Saskatchewan
2.   James A. b. Aug. 24, 1878 MB
never married; taught school
Jim d. Feb. 1911, bur. Feb. 10, 1911 Forrest, MB
3.   Francis (Frank) b. 1879 married and farmed in North Dakota.
4.   Mabel b. Aug. 15, 1880 MB
m.(1) Albert Brackenreed Dec. 19, 1906 Elton, MB  ref. # 002885/06
lived in Justice, MB
m.(2) William Cox
5.   Mary b. Sept. 14, 1881 MB
m. Thomas James Heritage Mar. 25, 1903 Elton, MB  ref. # 002961/03
they lived in Edmonton, Alberta
6.   Bertha b. Apr. 30, 1884 MB bp. Oct. 26, 1892 Forrest, MB
m.(1) Thomas Love (b. ~ 1880 Ont. (Robert, Sloan(?) Gavin) June 6, 1906 Elton, MB  ref. # 004667/06  ref.
they lived in Hicksburg, Alberta
m.(2) James Stein
7.   George b. Sept. 6, 1886 MB bp. Oct. 26, 1892 Forrest, MB
m. Ethel McLauchlan (b. Truro, N.S.) Dec. 24, 1913
7.1  living, married with children, live Ottawa
7.2  Ernest
married and with living children
operated the family farm until his death, it is now rented out
Ernest d. Oct. 20, 1979
George d. Dec. 28, 1969
Ethel d. Dec. 13, 1971
8.   Ellen (Nellie) b. May 8, 1888 MB bp. Oct. 26, 1892 Forrest, MB
m. Herbert Russell Cox Aug. 8, 1906 Elton, MB ref. # 002880/06
lived in Justice, MB
9.   John Leslie b. Sept. 8, 1889 MB bp. Oct. 26, 1892 Forrest, MB
m. Lillian Madder (William, Miriam (on the farm adjacent to the Boles farm)) 1913
they farmed NE 10-11-17-1W
9.1  Leslie d. 1937
9.2  living, married with children (lived Grenfell, SK)
John d. 1963
10.   Louisa (baptismal record says Lovina) b. Mar. 6, 1891 MB bp. Oct. 26, 1892 Forrest, MB
Louisa d. Nov. 1902, bur. Nov. 14, 1902 Forrest, MB (burial record says Lavina)
11.  Allen b. May 23, 1892 Douglas, MB bp. Oct. 26, 1892 Forrest, MB
m. Joan Isabella (Daisy) Black Dec. 20, 1916
they farmed SE 10-11-17-1W
11.1  living, married with children (lived in Winnipeg and Delta, B.C.)
12.  Ivo Clarence b. Apr. 28, 1897 MB
(worked for the CPR; was a soldier based at the First World War training camp at Camp Hughes near Brandon)
11.1  a son
13.  Sarah b. ~ 1902 MB
Jane d. Jan. 1907 bur. Feb. 1, 1907 Forrest, MB
James m.(2) Ellen Walker (a widow who had emigrated to Canada in 1908)
1881 Census
1901 Census
1906 Census
1911 Census
1916 Census
Still to fit into the Boles family:

Florence Sarah Bowles m. Percy F. Madder July 30, 1919  Elton, MB  ref # 040032/19 (is that Sarah above)

Sharlot Boles (probably Charlotte) bur. Apr. 7, 1888 Forrest, MB

The Brandon Mail, Thursday, Feb. 9, 1888 p. 5 Douglas News
Births – on Friday last, Mrs. James Bowles, of a daughter.
If daughter born Feb. 3, 1888 birth date given for Ellen in 1901 census is wrong.

William Boles 

The local history book for Douglas mentions that James brother William helped them rebuild after the cyclone.  I have the following on William Boles:
William Richard Boles b. ~ 1862 Devonshire, England  (parents: James Bowles, Ellen Hudson)
(occupation: livery on son's baptismal record)
m. Mary Currie (b. May 8, 1866 Perth co., Ont. (Hugh, Elizabeth Muir); bp. Feb. 10, 1889 Forrest)
May 10, 1887   ref.
1.  Albert Edward b. Aug. 3, 1887 bp. Nov. 27, 1893 Forrest
By 1906 the family was living at Ochre River.
1881 Census
1906 Census
1911 Census

Samuel John Boles   

The following is based on the Ontario 1881 Census, the Manitoba 1906 Census and the Methodist Registry for Forrest, MB:
Samuel John Boles b. ~ 1849, bp. Feb. 25, 1849 Hatherleigh, Devon, England 
(occupation: carpenter when married in 1873, farmer in son's baptismal record in 1889)
m. Sarah Dobbs (b. ~ 1853 Mitchell, Ont.; George, Alice) Oct. 8, 1872 Monkton, Ontario   ref.
5.  Thomas John b. June 17, 1884 bp. Jan. 13, 1892 Forrest, MB
6.  Clara Maud b. June 8, 1886 bp. Jan. 13, 1892 Forrest, MB
7.  Samuel John b. Apr. 19, 1889 bp. Jan. 13, 1892 Forrest, MB
8.  Alice Elizabeth b. July 14, 1891 bp. Jan. 13, 1892 Forrest, MB
1911 Census
I cannot find this family in the 1881, 1901 or 1906 census

Henry Boles

Please see The Boles of Macdonald, MB

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