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Charles Proby Bowles of Dublin

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Charles Proby Bowles' Family Tree in Dublin

Charles Proby Bowles b. ?  (of Park Lane, London in  1874) (Lieutenant  83 Reg’t. of Foot  1809-1817)
(Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, Joseph Jackson Howard p. 313)
m. Catherine Davis Aug. 14, 1813 St. Mary’s, Dublin
1.  Louisa Catherine Bowles bp. May 27, 1816 St Mary, Pro Cathedral, Dublin (RC) (sponsors: Hyacinth Richard Daly, Elizabeth O'Beirne)
m.  John Edwards Venables Vernon of Clontarf Castle, Esq., JP and DL (b. 1813, George of Clontarf Castle) Aug. 20, 1836 Dublin
Louisa Catherine d. Aug. 12 bur. Aug. 15, 1853 Clontarf, Dublin)
Children:   Edward Vernon, Charles Albert Vernon, Forbes George Vernon, Granville William Vernon, John Francis Henry Vernon, Louisa Emily Vernon.
2.  Frederick William Carysford Bowles b. Jan. 22,  bp. Feb. 11, 1818 St. Peters, Dublin
     (barrister, Clontarf Castle, Lower Gardiner Street, Upper Temple Street in 1844, 1850)

Sir John Proby was 1st Baron Carysford; he built Carysford House in Dun Laoghaire in 1803.  What was this family’s connection to him?  

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