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Carlow Deed Memorials

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See also An Index of Selected County Carlow Deed Memorials for an index of several deed memorials which reference individuals or townlands of interest to my study but which have not yet been used in it.

Carlow Deed Memorials Connected to The Bowles of Ballickmoyler

51/300/33778  Hunt to Bowles dated Jan. 19, 1726, registered Jan. 26, 1726
To the Register Appointed for registering of Deeds etc.
A Memorial of a lease dated and perfected the nineteenth day of January one thousand seven hundred and twenty six made between William Hunt of the town of Catherlogh in the county of Catherlogh gent of the one part and John Bowles of the same town and county shoemaker of the other part whereby the said William Hunt did demise and sell unto the said John Bowls his heirs and for all them and these his the said John Bowls dwelling house and small plot of garden thereunto belonging situated on Tullow Street in the Town of Catherlogh Secondly all that part of the land joyning the Green Lane alias Love Lane situate near the said Town of Catherlogh aforesaid being part of the land formerly held by Mary Howis of the said town thereto containing by estimate eleven acres two roods and eight perches plantation measure be the same more or less and also that small enclosed garden joyning to the Green Lane aforesaid being part of the meadow now held by Mr. Ennis in as full large ample and beneficial manner as the said demised (one word illegible) and every part and parcel thereof is now held and enjoyed by the said  John Bowles described and particularly bounded according to the (couple of words illegible) meaning of the said lease together with all its appurtances except such (maybe ‘royalties’?) as in the said lease is excepted to hold from the twenty ninth day of September last past before the date of the said lease for and during the natural life and lives  of Frederick Hunt fifth son to the said William Hunt aged about 10 years John Bowles first son to the said William Bowles (sic? note: this is almost certainly a transcription error for 'John' by the clerk who made this copy of the deed memorial as there was no William Bowles mentioned earlier in this deed and the phrase 'said' must refer to a person mentioned earlied in the deed) aged about five years and Tobias Moore first son to Edmond Moore of the said Town of Catherlogh aged about twenty years and the survivor or survivors of them at the yearly rent of fifteen pounds eleven shillings and a half penny sterling per year (something) of renewal forever upon payment of three pounds sterling for each renewal within six calendar months next after the fail of a life which said lease is witnessed by Christopher Hunt Joseph Talbot and Tobias Moore all of the Town of Catherlogh Gents and this memorial is witnessed by the said Joseph Talbot and the said Tobias Moore
 John Bowles – seal - 
Signed and sealed in the presence of Joseph Talbot Tobias Moore
The above named Joseph Talbot maketh oath that he saw the above named William Hunt and John Bowles duly execute the said lease whereof the above writing is memorial and that he saw the said John Bowles sign and seal the memorial and that this deponent is a subscribing witness to the said lease and memorial and that he delivered the said memorial to Mr. William Barry Deputy Registrar on the 26th day of January one thousand seven hundred and and twenty six at or near nine of the clock in the forenoon
Joseph Talbot 26 January 1726  
Signed William Barry, Dep. Regr.
Deed Memorials Volume 51,  Memorial # 33778 pages 300 and 301
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Carlow Deed Memorials Connected to John Boles of Woodhouse, co. Tipperary

7/181/2088  Duckett and Boles to Cooper et al  May 9, 1710  
Indenture of Lease May 9, 1710 made between Thomas Duckett of Phillipstown in the county of Catherlogh, Gent. and John Boles of Ballytrane in the said county, Gent. of the one part and Edward Cooper of Newtown in the said county, Gent., John Lackey of Staplestown in the same county, Gent., Joseph Russell of Russelstowne in the same county, Gent., Samuel Watson of Kilconner in the same county, Gent., John Duckett of Phillipstown in the same county, Gent., and John Mason of Moone in the county of Kildare, Gent. of the other part, by which Indenture of Release the said Thomas Duckett and John Boles do Grant Transfer Remise Release Quitt Claim Confirm and Make Over unto the said (same 6 names) one lease made by the Right Hon. Henry Earl of Thomond to Edward Howis of Catherlogh … (some notes re: John Howis living there presently)…situated in Tullough Street in the Town of Catherlogh fronting and bounding the said street on the south Eighty Foot and bounding with the lane leading to Moseley’s Plotte on the East, with Mrs. Masters her garden on the North and John Lydalle’s Plotte on the West together with a small backside and garden with all and singular the Appurtances for and during the lives of John Howis, Edward Howis and Mary Howis children of the aforesaid Edward Howis (followed by the usual “three lives” terms and rental and penalty amounts) … on which said premises are Erected and Built a Meeting House, several dwelling houses, a stable and several other Buildings and Improvements, to hold the said premises with the Appurtances unto the said Edward Cooper (etc. same 6 names and to their heirs and survivors for the term of the said lives granted (the three Howis lives))  followed by the signatures, attestations and witnesses.

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