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The Bowles of Valcartier, Quebec

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The John Bowles family emigrated to
Valcartier from co. Tipperary, Ireland in April 1826.  The last record of them in Ireland was at Ballingarry, co. Tipperary in 1822 but before that the family lived in The Commons, Kilcooly, co. Tipperary from at least 1814.   He was probably born at his parent's home in the farming community of Springhill which is just west of their market town Killenaule where John was baptized in the Roman Catholic church in 1790.  With few employment opportunities in Springhill, John likely headed for the coal mines of The Commons some time between 1808 and 1813 (when he was 18 to 23) to find work and get himself established.  Certainly he was a collier (coal miner) 'of the Commons' when he married Mary Pollard at Gortnahoe Church (RC) in 1814.  They baptized four children at Gortnahoe between 1816 and 1822.

About 1 mile north of The Commons on 'the Palatine Road' was the small settlement of Bawnlea where the George Bowles family lived.  Both of these Bowles families were tenants of the Barker family of Kilcooly but while the John Bowles family was Catholic as where most of the Barker's tenants, the George Bowles family was Protestant as were all the residents of Bawnlea which the Barkers had established as a first step in their plan to increase the number of Protestant tenants on their estate.  The increasing religious tensions of the 1820's drove both of these families to leave this area in 1826/27.  John Bowles family here to this predominately Catholic region of Quebec and the George Bowles family to a largely Methodist farming community in Peel county in southern Ontario. 

The coincidence of two families of the same name emigrating within a year of each other from small centers just 1 mile apart had been seen as just a coincidence due to their different religions but DNA testing under the Bowles DNA Project found them to be a familial match.  Subsequent research has found indications of previous generations of Bowles in that area with possible connections to Bowles in Limerick where a Catholic line had developed from a Protestant one and possibly with even earlier connections to the Bowles of Woodhouse.

For more on the history of this family in Ireland please see The Bowles of The Commons

The John Bowles Family in Canada

According to the family tradition the family arrived in Canada in April 1826 but the mother, Mary Pollard, died in the Hotel-Dieu Hospital in Quebec City shortly after their arrival.  The family first settled at Lake St. Joseph, Quebec.  John remarried in 1829 and moved the family to Valcartier around 1835 where they had an additional four children.  His second wife, Helen, died in 1846 and John married again in 1847 and had two more children. 

John Bowles of Valcartier's Family Tree

Note:  In the following, the place names given in birth, marriage and death references are short for the following churches:
Valcartier, Que.               St. Gabriel de la Valcartier, Quebec, Canada
Ste. Catherine, Que.        Ste. Catherine de Portneuf, Quebec, Canada
Joseph Bowles m. Ellen Mackey in co. Tipperary, Ireland
1.      John Bowles b. 1790 Springhill, co. Tipperary bp. Sept. 14, 1790 Killenaule, co. Tipperary, Ireland
m.(1) Mary Pollard (b. ~ 1794) Feb. 15, 1814 Gortnahoe Catholic Church, Kilcooly, co. Tipperary
1.1  James Bowles b. 1816, bp. Mar. 19, 1816 Gortnahoe, co. Tipperary
d. May 19, bur. 21, 1860 Valcartier, Que. (St. Gabriel's) ref.
1.2  Thomas Bowles b. 1817, bp. Sept. 10, 1817 Gortnahoe, co. Tipperary
d. May 15, bur. May 17, 1833 Ste. Catherine, Que.  ref.
1.3  William Bowles b. 1819, bp. May 20, 1819 Gortnahoe, co. Tipperary
m. Mary O'Flaherty at Notre Dame, Ottawa
1.4  John Bowles b. 1821, bp. June 10, 1821 Gortnahoe, co. Tipperary
m. Winifred McLaughlin (Nov. 1, 1823 co. Leitrim, Ireland; Hugh, Ellen Connolly)
Nov. 22, 1847 Ste. Catherine, Que.
          (witnesses: Lamy(?) Lannon, Catherine Bowles, Michael McLaughlin)
1.4.1  John Charles Bowles b. Aug. 16, bp. 17, 1848 Ste. Catherine, Que.
(godparents: Michael Mclaughlin, Mary Bowles)
m. Bridget McLaughlin (b. Dec. 1864 co. Tyrone, Ireland; Edward, Bridget McDonald)
Apr. 24, 1883 Valcartier, Que. ref.  John James Bowles b. Jan. 13, bap. 15, 1884 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Margaret Guilfoyle (b. 1889) June 6, 1915 Ste. Catherine, Que.  Joe Bowles b. 1917  Leo Bowles b. 1919  Mae Bowles b. 1921
m. Thomas O'Shea
5 children  Michael Bowles b. 1923
m. Ernestine Lariviere
2 children  Lena Bowles b. 1925
Mary d. 1946
John d. 1969  Francis (Frank) Bowles b. June 13, bp. 16, 1885 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(godparents: James Bowles (Uncle), Mary Bowles (Aunt))
m. Lily Veronica (Vera) McCarthy
(b. Feb. 1, 1893 Ste. Catherine, Que; Timothy, Helena (Lena) Gurry)
June 10, 1913 Ste. Catherine, Que.  Ralph Bowles b. ~ 1932
m.(1) Mary Rose Lila Corrigan
(b. Jan. 6, 1923 Valcartier, Que.)
May 30, 1952 Valcartier, Que.
Lila d. July 2, 1997 Quebec City, Que.
Francis d. 1970  Joseph James (Jim) Bowles b. Mar. 11, bp. Mar. 13, 1887 Valcartier, Que. ref.
James d. 1955  Winifred Mary Agnes Bowles b. Mar. 10, 1889 Ste. Catherine, Que.
m. Charles Edward Fitzpatrick
(b. May 21, bp. 24, 1883 Valcartier, Que. ref.)
July 17, 1929 Valcartier, Que.
Winifred d. Feb. 24, 1959 Valcartier, Que.
Charles d. Jan. 20, 1962 Valcartier, Que. Memorial Stone  Patrick Edward Bowles b. Mar. 5, bp. 11, 1891 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Kary Mabel Thompson Oct. 14, 1919 St. Catherine, Gorham, Vermont, USA  Ellen (Nellie) Bridget Bowles b. & bp. Apr. 2, 1893 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m.  Thomas O'Shea 1921 Ste. Catherine, Que.  Mary Anne Cecilia Bowles b. June 1897 Quebec ref.
m. James McGlennan 1923 Ste. Catherine, Que.
Celia d. 1980  Charles Bowles b. May 1902 Quebec
Charles d. 1983
John Jr. d. 1931
1901 Census
1911 Census
1.4.2  Mary Bowles b. Dec. 29, bp. 30, 1849 Valcartier, Que. (St. Gabriel's) ref.
(godparents: Catherine Bowles, John McLaughlin)
m. Patrick Delaney (Patrick, Suzanne Lawlor) Aug. 12, 1873 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(moved to Boston)  Winifred Mary Delaney b. May 18, bp. 19, 1877 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Jordan Francis Andrew Delaney b. June 21, bp. 28, 1880 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Mary Ann Delaney b. Apr. 13, 1882 bp. 14, Valcartier, Que. ref.  John Jordan Delaney b. June 2, bp. 3, 1884 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(godparents: Catherine Bowles, Hugh McLaughlin)
1.4.3  James Bowles b. Sept. 25, bp. Oct. 5, 1851 Valcartier, Que. (St. Gabriel's)  ref.
m. Mary Gurry (b. Mar. 27, bp. 29, 1860 Ste. Catherine, Que.;
Peter, Margaret McDonald)
Nov. 23, 1881 Ste. Catherine, Que.  Ellen Winifred Bowles b. Mar. 14, bp. 17, 1882 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(godparents: John Bowles and Catherine Bowles)
m. James Lannin (b. May 12, 1868 Valcartier, Que.; James, Phoebe Fitzpatrick;
his godparents: Mary Bowles and Michael Griffin)
Nov. 14, 1906 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Helen Margaret Iline Lannin b. Jan. 10, bp. 13, 1909 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(godparents: James Bowles (Uncle) and Fabianne Lannon (Aunt))  Margaret Ann Bowles b. June 8, bp. 9, 1883 Valcartier, Que. ref.
d. May 3, bur. May 3, 1888 (diptheria epidemic) ref.  Catherine Bowles b. Oct. 21, bp. 23, 1884 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(twin with Mary Agnes; godparents: Rose Ann Bowles, John Gurry)
d. May 7, bur. May 8, 1888 (diptheria epidemic) ref.  Mary Agnes Bowles b. Oct. 21, bp. 23, 1884 Valcartier, Que. ref.
d. Apr. 30, bur. May 1,1888 (diptheria epidemic) ref.
(twin with Catherine; godparents: William Bowles, Margaret Ellen Gurry of Ste. Catherines)  John Bowles b. Sept. 22, bp. 23, 1885 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(godparents: Charles Bowles, Margaret Brady)
d. May 1, bur. May 3, 1888 (diptheria epidemic) ref.  Joseph Peter Bowles b. Mar. 26, bp. 28, 1888 Valcartier, Que. ref.  John Bowles b. Jan. 22, bp. 24, 1890 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(godparents: Ellen Bowles and husband Hugh McLaughlin)
m. Jany McBain  Mary Ann Eveline b. Sept. 20, bp. 21, 1913 Valcartier, Que. ref.  James Bowles b. Dec. 14, bp. 17, 1891 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Margaret Bowles b. June 11, bp. 12, 1893 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Pierre Martel Nov. 8, 1921 Ste. Catherine, Que.  William Henry Bowles b. Sept. 3, bp. 5, 1895 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Mary Ethel Bowles b. May 24, bp. 26, 1897 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(godparents: Charles Bowles and Margaret E. Gurry)  Hugh Charles Bowles b. Sept. 16, bp. 17, 1899 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Marjorie Thompson  Hugh James Bowles b. ~ 1935
m. Joan Alma Murphy (b. June 6, 1934 Valcartier; Thomas)
Aug. 11, 1956 Valcartier, Que.  Perry Bowles b. July 3, 1957 Quebec City  Verna Bowles b. Mar. 21, 1959 Quebec City  Terrance Bowles b. Feb. 2, 1962 Toronto, Ont.  Tracey Bowles b. July 31, 1967 Toronto, Ont.
Hugh James d. May 15, 2006 Oshawa
(per: Oshawa This Week May 17, 2006) In Memorium  Michael Joseph Bowles b. May 29, bp. 31, 1901 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Joseph Harold Bowles b. Mar. 11, bp. 14, 1904 Valcartier, Que. ref.
1901 Census
1.4.4  Eleanor (Ellen) Bowles b. Apr. 2, bp. 3, 1854 Valcartier, Que. (St. Gabriel's)
(godparents: Ann Bowles and Michael Fitzgerald) ref.
m. Hugh McLaughlin (Edward, Bridget McDonald) Apr. 16, 1883 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Mary Ellen McLaughlin b. Mar. 9, bp. 11, 1884 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. John Sheehan Oct. 12, 1915 Valcartier, Que.  Susanne McLaughlin b. Mar. 9, bp. 15, 1885 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Charles Bullock (Alexander, Mary Kiely) Apr. 21, 1913 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Francis Edward McLaughlin b. May 6, bp. 7, 1886 ref.
Francis Edward d. Jan. 8, 1887 all Valcartier, Que. ref.  James McLaughlin b. Dec. 9, bp. 11, 1887 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Bridget McLaughlin b. Apr. 26, bp. 27, 1889 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Joseph Edward Monaghan June 9, 1914 Valcartier, Que. ref.  John McLaughlin b. Sept. 21, bp. 23, 1890 Valcartier, Que. ref.  Edward Joseph McLaughlin b. Apr. 16, bp. 17, 1892 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Mary Jane Holton June 27, 1936 Valcartier, Que.  Winifred McLaughlin b. May 3, bp. 4, 1894 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Charles Bullock (b. Bergerville, Que.) Apr. 25, 1936 Valcartier, Que.  Francis McLaughlin b. Mar. 28, bp. 30, 1896 Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. Catherine Sheehan Nov. 14, 1928 Ste. Catherine, Que.
Ellen d. July 15, bur. July 17, 1898 Valcartier, Que. ref.
1.4.5  Hugh Bowles b. July 8, 1957 Quebec
m. Margaret McGill 1887 Ottawa  Alice Bowles b. Feb. 19, 1891 Ont.  Winifred Bowles b. Jan. 8, 1894 Ont.  John Bowles b. Feb. 8, 1896 Ont.  Margaret Bowles b. Apr. 6, 1890 Ont.
Hugh d. 1937
1.4.6  Catherine (Kate) Bowles b. Feb. 20, bap. 21, 1858 Valcartier, Que. (St. Gabriel's) ref.
1.4.7  unnamed Bowles b. Nov. 16, 1859 d. Nov. 16, 1859 Valcartier, Que. ref.
1.4.8  Charles Bowles b. Oct. 30, bp. Nov. 1, 1860 Valcartier, Que. (St. Gabriel's)
(godparents: James Lannin, Roseanna Bowles) ref.
Charles d. Feb. 4, bur. Feb. 6, 1900 Valcartier, Que. ref.
(witnesses: James Bowles, John Bowles)
1.4.9  Rose Ann Bowles b. June 9, bp. 13, 1863 Valcartier, Que. ref.
1.4.10  William John Bowles b. May 15, bp. 20, 1865 Valcartier, Que. ref.
d. Feb. 10, bur. Feb. 12, 1894 Valcartier, Que. ref.
1.4.11 Margaret Bowles b. Feb. 22, bp. 28, 1867 Valcartier, Que. ref.
d. April 18, bur. April20, 1870 Valcartier, Que. ref.
John d. Dec. 18, bur. Dec. 21,1891 Valcartier, Que. ref.
1851 Census
1861 Census
1901 Census
1.5  Martin Bowles b. 1822, bp. Nov. 24, 1822 Ballingarry, co. Tipperary; sponsors: Thomas and Ellen Pollard
m.(1) Margaret Bethel 1846 St. Roch, Quebec
m.(2) Mary Flynn 1854 Notre Dame, Ottawa
1.5.1  Mary b. ~ 1865
Mary d. July 17, bur. July 19, 1885 St. Gabriel's ref.
Martin d. bef. 1885
Mary d. bef. 1885
1.6  Charles Bowles b. ca. 1825 Ireland (no records found in Ireland) (according to family tradition he moved to Ottawa; I haven't located any references for him in Canada)
Mary d. May 25, 1826 Hotel-Dieu Hospital, Quebec City (confirmed in Drouin where the deceased name is written as 'Feme Bowell Marie Polard' 
m.(2)  Helen Muldoney (b. ~ 1801; William, Catherine Culbert) Sept. 29, 1829 St. Augustin, Quebec
1.7  Catherine Bowles b. & bp. Sept. 20, 1830 Ste. Catherine de la Jacques Cartier R.C. Ch., Valcartier, Que.
m. Edward Gurry (b. ?; Edward, Bridget Beglin) June 19, 1848 St. Gabriel's, Valcartier, Que. ref.
1.8  Mary Bowles b. Jan. 12, bp. 15, 1832 St. Augustin de Desmaures R.C. Ch., Portneuf co., Que.
m. James Flynn (James) Aug. 16, 1853 Valcartier, Quebec ref.
1.9  Eleanor Bowles b. & bp. June 2, 1834 Ste. Catherine de la Jacques Cartier R.C. Ch., Valcartier d. 1836
1.10  Ann Bowles b. June 13, bp. July 3, 1836 Ste. Catherine de la Jacques Cartier R.C. Ch., Valcartier, Que.
m. Michael Fitzgerald Feb. 14, 1854 Ste. Catherine de la Jacques Cartier R.C. Ch., Valcartier, Que.
1.10.1  John Fitzgerald b. Apr. 24, bp. 29, 1855 Valcartier, Quebec co. (St. Gabriel's) ref.
1.10.2  Michael Fitzgerald b. Aug. 23, bp. 24, 1856 Quebec (Ste. Catharine de la Jacques Cartier Ch.)
1.10.3  William Fitzgerald b. Oct. 7, bp. 11, 1858 Ste. Catherine, Que. (St. Gabriel's, Valcartier) ref.
1.10.4  James Fitzgerald b. Mar. 1, bp. 4, 1860 Valcartier, Quebec (St. Gabriel's) ref.
Ann d. Mar. 23, bur. Mar. 25, 1862 Valcartier, Que. (St. Gabriel's)  ref.
Helen d. Jan. 1846, bur. Feb. 1, 1846 St. Gabriel's, Valcartier, Que. ref.
m.(3)  Honora (Hannah, Ann) Ready (b. ~ 1810 Ireland; widow of James Lawlor) Apr. 26, 1847 Ste. Catherine, Que.
1.11  Rosanna Bowles b. Apr. 9, bp. 16, 1848 St. Gabriel's R.C. Ch., Valcartier, Que. ref.
m. James Maher (b. ~ 1841; ) Feb. 8, 1864 St. Gabriel's, Que. ref.
(they moved to Detroit)
1.11.1  Mary Ann Maher b. July 6, bp. July 13, 1865 St. Gabriel's, Que. ref.
1.11.2  John Maher b. Oct. 26, bp. Nov. 5, 1866 St. Gabriel's, Que. ref.
Rosanna d. 1930
1.12 Thomas Bowles b. ~ 1850 Canada
(he moved to Detroit)
d. 1936
John d. 1866 Valcartier, Quebec ref.
1831 Census
the 1842 Census of Canada East is a head-of-household census but I could not locate John Bowles in it
1851 Census
1861 Census
The Bowles of Valcartier Family Tree produced by Dominic Bowles of Valcartier in the 1990's

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