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The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and Great Britain

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The Bowles in Nova Scotia

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The Bowles family was in Nova Scotia as early as the 1700's with several more Bowles and Boles families arriving from England and Ireland in the 1800's. 

Nova Scotia Counties Where Bowles/Boles Families Settled: (see the map below)



Halifax including Halifax city and Dartmouth


There is also one reference in each of Digby and Shelburne townships

The New England Bolles in Nova Scotia

Bowles mentioned in Ship Arrivals

One of the most unique and important, but until recently largely not acknowledged, aspects of Nova Scotia's history was the settlement of Black Loyalists in Cumberland county near Amherst.  The community was first established in 1783 by Loyalists of African descent who, in return for their loyalty during the American Revolution, were granted land in the English colony of Nova Scotia.  The community continued to grow as families escaping slavery in the U.S. in the 1800's found a haven there.  One of the first loyalists to arrive here in 1783 was a free man of African descent, James Bowles, who had fought for the British in the Black Pioneers, an all Black regiment.  His descendants would include Wayde Bowles, an amateur boxer and sparring partner to boxing legends George Foreman and Muhammad Ali and a professional wrestler under the ringname Rocky Johnson, which name he would later legally adopt.  His son Dwayne (Bowles) Johnson is better known today as the professional wrestler turned Hollywood Star, The Rock.  See The Bowles of Cumberland township


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