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Bowles in Manitoba

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I have extensive notes on Boles/Bowles who settled in Manitoba and will publish more but have initially have only documented the following:

The Boles of Douglas

The Boles of Macdonald

The Bowles of Swan River

<other locations still under construction>

Major Flavius Bowles arrived here from Pennsylvania around 1878 and settled for a time near Selkirk.  He established a building materials business, held a shared interest in a quarry near Stonewall and supplied some of the materials to build Government House, the residence of our present Lieutenant Governor.  He moved his family back to the US and settled near Leesburg, Virginia in 1892.  See further details on the Major Flavius Bowles page.

A Harry Bowles from Sarnia, Ontario worked at James Penrose's photography studio on Main Street in Winnipeg in 1876, returned to Sarnia in 1877 where he operated a photo studio until 1879 and then returned to Winnipeg where he partnered with James Penrose in 1879 in a studio "opposite the post office".  Shortly after buying Penrose out to run the studio himself in 1880, he ran into some problems with his creditors and left Winnipeg.  I had thought there might be a connection between this Bowles & Penrose, Photographers and my Bowles in Dublin, Ireland who married into the Penrose family and who ran the Penrose, Bowles & Co., Drapers store together in Ireland in the late 1800's but there doesn't seem to be any possibility of that. See Harry Bowles, Photographers in Sarnia, Winnipeg and Pembina, ND.

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