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The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and England

Bowles BMD References in Ireland

To help sort out the various Bowles family members without regard for the various family name spellings and also to track family members who may have lived in more than one area, I have catalogued all the Bowles/Boles/Boal etc. birth, marriage and death records that I have found and made them available here sorted by county and by given name.  This list will be updated frequently as new records are discovered.

(just a few counties have been posted, this is a work in progress)

Bowles BMD Records by County

Antrim        Armagh        Carlow        Cavan        Clare        Cork        Derry        Donegal        Down        Dublin

Fermanagh    Galway        Kerry        Kildare        Kilkenny        Laois        Leitrim        Limerick    Longford   

Louth        Mayo        Meath        Monaghan        Offaly        Roscommon        Sligo        Tipperary        Tyrone

Misc. Northern Ireland        Waterford        Westmeath        Wexford        Wicklow


Bowles BMD Records by Given Name (in construction)

Given names beginning with the following letters:

Abigail-Ambrose        Anastasia-Arthur        Barbara-Bryan        Caroline-Cornelius        David-Eleanor   

Eliza-Evelyn        Fanny-Frederick        George-Ida        Jack-James        Jane-Johanna        John       

Johnston-Lydia        Mabel-Martin        Mary        Mathew-Prudence        Rachel-Rose        Samuel-Susannah

Terence-Timothy    Unnamed-Winifred


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