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The Boles of Cork Family Tree


Three brothers, Thomas, Richard and William Boles, a possible fourth brother, John, their sister Joanne and likely at least one other sister arrived in Ireland by 1641. 

See The Boles of Cork for their story.

1.  Thomas Boles (Captain) b. 1608  (lived Kilbree, co. Cork, Ireland)
     m.  Anne ~ 1631
     1.1  Abigail Boles b. ~ 1633  m. Francis Whitcroft 1651
     1.2  John Boles b. ~ 1644 m. ? (lived Inch, co. Cork) d. 1702
     1.3  Thomas Boles bp. Apr. 13, 1646 Cork, co. Cork m. Elizabeth Downing 1689 (lived Ballinacurra, co. Cork) d. 1701
     1.4  Mary Boles m. Thomas Savory (possibly Lavery or Lawry) 1679
     1.5  Joane Boles m. Mathew Garde
     1.6  Anne Boles m. William White
     1.7  a daughter m. Richard Carey
     1.8  Sarah Boles bp. Apr. 13, 1655 and d. Jan. 25, 1663 both Holy Trinity Church, Cork City
     1.9  a daughter m. Mr Brooks
     Thomas d. 1683 (his Will signed Sept. 16, 1682 and proven June 26, 1683) bur. Cloyne Cathedral
     Anne d. ?
See Thomas Boles of Cork's Family Tree
2.  Richard Boles b. ~ 1614 (lived Ballinalty, co. Cork, Ireland)
     m. Abigail  (b. ~ 1623) ~ 1640 co. Cork
(this was not Abigail Ende as is stated in Burke's Landed Gentry; see 2.6 below and an explanation)
     2.1  Francis b. ~ 1641 Liscarroll, co. Cork; m. Mary Alwyn 1670
     2.2  Thomas b. ~ 1643; m. Ann Warner 1676
     2.3  Joan (Joanne) b. ~ 1645; m. Richard Bustead
     2.4  Abigail b. ~ 1652; m.(1) Mr. Smith; m.(2) Samuel Abbot 1691
     2.5  Jonathan b. Oct. 31, 1655 Ballynalty, co. Cork; m. Mary Upton ca. 1680
     2.6  Richard b. ~ 1656 m. Abigail Lawry 1679 (not Abigail Ende as often stated in Boles histories online, see an explanation)
     2.7  John b. April 1, 1661 Ballynalty, co. Cork; m.(1) Sarah Baker 1682; m.(2) Susannah Nicholson; m.(3) Abigail Craven
     Richard d. 1693 bur. Killybraher, co. Cork (The Tomb of the Boles of Moyge, Co Cork)
     Abigail d. Mar. 30, 1711 Woodhouse, co. Tipperary
See Richard Boles of Cork's Family Tree
3.  William Boles of Kanturk co. Cork  b. ~ 1615
            died without issue 1686; Will dated 1685 
4.  Joanne Boles b. ~ 1620
 m. Daniel Crone (b. 1621) ~1646 (they were the ancestors of the Crone family of Cork and Doneraile; lived at Moyge in 1685)   note
 4.1 Daniel Crone bp. 27.5.1647 Christchurch, Cork (of Cork (city) in 1685)
m. Margery, dau of John Newenham and Jane Hodder
 4.2 Jonathan Crone bp. 15.5.1655 Christchurch, Cork (of Moyge in 1685)
 4.3 John Crone b. ~ 1650 (a merchant of Cork (city) in 1685; executor of Uncle William Boles' Will in 1685)
 4.4 Elizabeth Crone
(Source: article in Irish Genealogist by Brian de Breffny, undated)
 Daniel d. 1668

Possible other siblings, please note: I'm saying POSSIBLE siblings (please follow the links below)

5.  John Bowles of Bandon, co. Cork b. ~ 1627

6.  female Boles m. John Hodder  ref.

7.  female Boles m. Mr. Strange  (see ref on previous entry)

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