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John Boles of Ballintrane, co. Carlow

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John Boles, a Quaker of the Boles of Cork line, married Sarah Baker of Cashel, Tipperary where they settled in 1682, started their family and then moved to Carlow about 1690.  They settled first at Castlemore where their daughter Sarah was born in 1691 and then at Ballintrane where they had 4 more children between 1693 and 1698. 

John leased some large landholdings in Magorbane, Tipperary in Dec. 1701, built a new home, Woodhouse, there and moved his family back to Tipperary between 1707 and 1713.  See John Boles of Woodhouse

John's son George meanwhile had married in Carlow and also having fallen out with his father regarding the Quaker religion, decided to stay at Ballintrane.  After his father's death George moved on to Tipperary as well while John's daughter Mary married John Watson of neighbouring Clonmacshane and settled at Ballintrane where their family remained until the 1850's.





Detailed map of co. Carlow showing Ballintrane
(click on map for a full size view, caution 7MB, there may be a long download time)


Ballintrane is located in the parish of Templepeter, Barony of Forth and is located on Ordinance Survey sheet XII and XIII for County Carlow.  (see the map below).  The townland was originally owned by Henry Warren, but his son  Paul Warren divided it into several parcels and leased them to several Quaker families including the Boles, Malones and Watsons.

This map also shows how close the Boles home was to Kilconner, the residence of Samuel Watson, and to Newtown, the home of Edward Cooper.  Samuel Watson and Edward Cooper were two of the Quaker Elders of the Carlow meeting.

Kilconner is only about 1 mile south of Ballintrane.


Due to the large number of Quaker records which have survived from this period we know a lot about the history of this community.  The Carlow and Tipperary Monthly Meeting Minutes pages document the family .......(paper in development but not quite yet ready for publishing).

Edward Cooper is also of interest to the Bowles history as in 1714 he bought some land in Queen's county from Richard Saunders of Saunders Court, co. Wexford.  Cooper soon moved his family to Queen's county where he built Coopershill House and where my ancestor John Bowles first appears on record in 1750 as Cooper's tenant.  Cooper's earlier contact with the Boles of Ballintrane is an indication of a possible connection between my own Bowles of Ballickmoyler, Queen's County and the Boles of Ballintrane.

I do know that John Bowles of Ballickmoyler was born about 1717 and his mother's name was Mary.  George Boles wife's name was Mary and they had a son John born about 1715 about whom nothing more is known so far.  When Edward Cooper moved from Newtown to Ballickmoyler, Queen's county, did he take his neighbour George Boles' son John with him? 


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