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Sir William Bowles of Clerkenwell

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Note: the history of this line has not yet been fully researched and will not be published until that work is completed.

Just this section for now:

About 1869, the theory was presented that the Boles of Cork brothers, Thomas, Richard and William were the sons of Sir William Bowles of Clerkenwell.  See The Davis Pedigree of The Boles of Cork

This is not likely as Sir William was born in 1609 and so assuming he wouldn't have married much before 1627, his children would have been too young to have established themselves in Ireland by 1640.  In fact, Thomas' birth date is believed to have been from about 1610-1614.  Also, Sir William died in 1681 and his will does not make any mention of them.  It's more likely that they were contemporary relations of Sir William, perhaps cousins.

Here is the text of the 1869 theory:

Account of origins of the Boles family in Ireland circa 1869

"Sir William Bowles (in some records styled of Clerkenwell, Knight) was a sworn servant to King Charles I - a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber & also had some other place - Master of the Pavilions and Tents to the King. After the murder of the King, his Master, he was nearly ruined being a younger son of a younger branch of the same house as said Colonel Boles who in 1643 fell in the action at Alton in Hampshire. Three or four of this family were in the field for the King - one at least took the Parliamentary side. Sir William died c. 16.. - his sons being bereft of all, or nearly so, three of them Richard, Thomas and William came to Ireland.

Richard was an officer in the English Army and came to Ireland before the Great Rebellion broke out. There is a record of his presence, who never left that Army until the Commander of the State completely subjected this country:- he got a Grant of lands probably on that account (see copy Grant).

Thomas was also an officer in the English Army, and came into Ireland shortly after 1641, and was styled Captain Thomas Boles and appears, by records still in being, to have "assisted mainly" on the occasion of "The Revolt" at Cork, and at the Military enquiry held on oath there by the State Commission, was set down as one of the English who did good service. He seems to have been joined with his brother Richard (tho' not openly) in the Indenture (?) as an adventurer, for when Richard took possession of his lands in Orrery and settled there, Thomas sold his part or share to his brother Richard, who under the Act of Settlement had the same lands confirmed to him only, and wishing to follow mercantile pursuits he settled in Cork, where as also in Youghal he carried on some trade in company with...... but not long for leaving Youghal he soon after took a lease of Kilbree from Sir William Penn to whom it was granted on the Settlement. His grand-daughter, Mary Boles, afterwards purchased the fee of Kilbree still belonging (in 1869) to his descendants. 

William seems not to have been a sharer in the property, he took a farm near Kanturk where he resided until his death in 16... (unmarried). His Will is dated 1685 and proved soon after.... They seem to have had a sister, Joan or Joane, married to Daniel Crone of Cork, Merchant who also had a Grant of such parts of Moyge and Ballinlawbeg as were not granted to Richard Boles. 

These three appear to be the first of the name (?) who settled in Ireland. 

Richard Boles had a Grant of Lands in the Barony of Orrery as follows, "that is to say" In the Gt. Plowland of Moyge called Kilbreedy and in Ballinlawbeg plowland 233a.0r.0p. Also in the same plowland in Ballinalty and in Ballinlawbeg 63a.1r.0p. Also in Ballinalty and in Ballinlawbeg 55a.0r.30p.  Also in both 55a.0r.30p. In Moyge aforesaid called West Moyge and Ballinlawbeg 37a.3r.30p. Also more in the same 40a.1r.0p in the Barony of Orrery and Kilmore, County Cork. Total quantity 570a.2r.10p Plantation measures. 924a.0r.35p Statute measure. Crown Rent total £8.13.3 by Letters Patent dated 15th January 18th. Charles II Enrolled 12th February, 1666."


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