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The Bowles of Bedfordshire

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See also Their Connections to Ramsey Abbey and Several Histories of the de Boeles of Bedfordshire
The above story is still under development but it will show that a branch of the Roger and Ernold de Busli/Booly line from Tickhill, Yorkshire (two brothers who came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066) settled in Bedfordshire in the 1300's as de Boeles/Buelles.  From that line several Bowles lines developed in Bedfordshire by the 1700's.  One of their major holdings was at Old Wardon. 
For now I will just document the:

Bowles of Meppershall, Bedfordshire

My Bowles research in Dublin, Ireland has led me back to a William Bolus/Bowles of Dublin who was from a Bolus family of Meppershall, Bedfordshire which is just a couple of miles south of the de Buelles holding at Old Wardon so a connection to that very old line may yet be found.  This is also just about 10 miles west of Wallington, Herts where The Bowles of Wallington lived since the early 1500's providing another possible origin for this family.
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