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The Taylors From Scotland Family Tree

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Note regarding the dates in references from the Friends Minutes: in this period the Quakers used the old Julian calendar which started with the 1st month of the year in March, the 2nd month was April and so on.  That becomes very confusing in January and February which are the first months of our year but the last of the previous year for the Friends.  So the Quaker date written in the meeting minutes as ‘the 10th day of the 11th mos. of 1710’ would actually be Feb. 10, 1711 on our calendar.  Sometimes that Quaker day would be transcribed as Feb. 10, 1710/11 to show the overlap between the two calendars.  I’ve opted to show the Quaker dates as it appeared in the Friends reference as well as in our modern format, for example, I use: ‘Mar. 13 (13th 1st mos 1717) 1717’ in my family trees.

Allen Taylor of Slamannan parish, Stirlingshire, Scotland

1.   William Taylor b. Slamannan, Stirlingshire, Scotland

m. Hannah Thacker (John of Castledermot, co. Kildare) April 25, (25th 2nd mos 1716) 1716 Newgarden (Carlow)

1.1  Susanna Taylor b. Mar. 13 (13th 1 mos 1717) 1717 Ballinclay, co. Wexford

1.2  John Taylor b. July 2 (2nd 5th mos) 1718 Ballinclay

1.3  William Taylor b. Apr. 5 (5th 2nd mos) 1720 Ballinclay

1.4  Mary Taylor b. June 6 (6th 4th mos) 1723 Ballinclay

2.   Adam Taylor b. Slamannan, Stirlingshire, Scotland

m. Susanna Thacker (John of Castledermot, co. Kildare) May 20 (20th 3rd mos) 1719 Ballyboys

2.1    John Taylor b. May 12 (12th 3mos) 1720 Ballinclay, co. Wexford

m. Hannah Wyly of Tullylost Feb. 3 (3rd 12th mos 1750) 1751 Carlow

2.1.1  Adam Taylor b. ca. 1753

(Adam was in unity with the Carlow Meeting when they wrote to the Mountmellick meeting in support of his wish to marry Mary Devitt but in March 1785 he was declared to be not in unity with the Carlow Meeting to which decision he made no objection)

 m. Mary Devitt (John, Anne of Ballinakill, Queens co.) July 8 (8th 7th mos) 1784 Ballinakill

(Mary was accepted by the Carlow meeting and remained in unity until she was disowned by the Carlow Meeting in 1797 due to her lack of attendance after being warned in 1796)  John Taylor b. Nov. 18, (18th 9th mos 1786) Ballickmoyler  William Taylor b. May 16 (16th 3rd mos) 1788 Ballickmoyler d. Oct. 3 (3rd 8th mos) 1789 bur. Oct. 5 (5th 8th  mos) 1789 Newgarden  William Taylor b. 3/18/1790 Ballickmoyler

Mary was living in 1797

2.1.2  Hannah Taylor

2.1.3  Jane Taylor (they are both mentioned in deed memorial 247/161/160961)

2.1.4  John Taylor b. ca. 1760

m. outside the faith before May 1796; he was possibly this one:

John Taylor m. Elizabeth Maher Feb. 15, 1795 Ballynakill (RC) William Taylor bp. Jan. 6, 1796 Ballynakill (the parents were of Clonking)


Elizabeth (of Clonking) possibly d. from childbirth 2 weeks later, bur. Jan. 20, 1796 Ballynakill

Which would explain John Taylor and a Mary McKirnan in 1798 (of Tullore)  Edward Taylor bp. Dec. 16, 1798 Ballynakill


(But it doesn't explain this 1801 baptism, the parents were of Clonking again.  Perhaps the mother’s name was not given at the baptism and the priest just looked up the marriage entry from 1795)  John Taylor bp. Jan. 30, 1801 Ballynakill

John Taylor was living in 1766 when he renewed his father’s farm lease

Hannah d. 6th 2mos. 1797 Ballickmoyler bur. 9th 2nd mos 1797 Newgarden

2.2  Jane Taylor b. Mar. 25, 1723 (25th 1st mon. 1723) Ballinclay

m. Robert Chapman (Matthew, Phebe of Castledermot) 16th 9th mos (November) 1743 Carlow

(note: the witnesses at their marriage included their parents; Susannah's brother John Thacker and his wife Hannah; Jane's brother John Taylor;  William and Experience Cooper and a Robert Bowells, possibly a representative of the Bowles family who were the Taylor's next door neighbours in Ballickmoyler, see The Bowles of Ballickmoyler)

2.3  Hannah Taylor b. Jan. 24, 1724 (24th 11th mos 1723) Ballinclay

d. Nov. 6, 1724 (6th 9th mos.) Ballickmoyler bur. Nov. 8, 1724 (8th 9mos. 1724) Newgarden

2.4  Mary Taylor b. Sept. 30, 1725 (30th 7th mos. 1725) Ballickmoyler, Queens co.

d. Jan. 28, 1729 (28th 11th mos. 1728) bur. Newgarden

2.5  Susannah Taylor b. May 27, 1728 (27th 3rd mos. 1728) Ballickmoyler, Queens co.

d. Jan. 3, 1729 (3rd 11th mos. 1728) bur. Newgarden

2.6  Adam Taylor b. Dec. 31, 1729 (31st 10th mos. 1729) Ballickmoyler, Queens co.

d. Sept. 10, 1730 (10th 7th mos. 1730) bur. Newgarden

Adam was living in 1750 when his son John had his parents approval to marry (Friends Source References)

Susanna was living in 1760 (the Carlow meeting expressed concern that she was not attending meetings) but she was dead by 1766 (per lease renewal by son John on their farm that year)



This tree is far from complete.  The following would fit into the tree somewhere:

The minutes of the Carlow Mens Meeting in November 1751 noted that a Mary Taylor had been married by a Priest (i.e. a non-Quaker marriage).  Their Testimony of Disunity against her in March 1752 gave her married name as Murray.  The Murrays were the Taylor's neighbours in Ballickmoyler.  Adam and Susannah did have a daughter Mary but she died as a child in 1729.  This could be William Taylor's daughter Mary born in 1723 but there are no other references to members of William's family being connected to the Carlow Meeting.  They seem to have remained in Wexford.


In 1821 a Thomas Taylor of Ballickmoyler married an Elizabeth Bowles at the Castletown-Killabban church.  Elizabeth was Elizabeth Dickson, the widow of John Bowles of Ballickmoyler, by whom she already had five children.  (see 1.4.1  John Bowles in The Bowles of Ballickmoyler Family Tree)  By September of that year the Taylors were living at Dunleckney, co. Carlow when Elizabeth’s oldest son, Thomas Bowles, who was born in 1809 was confirmed as Thomas Taylor of Garryhill, co. Carlow (the name Bowles is actually crossed out and Taylor written in).   Garryhill is about 6 miles SE of Dunleckney, this is the only reference that indicates the Taylors may have settled there rather than in Dunleckney where they attended church.  Her daughters Jane (b. 1812) and Elizabeth (b. 1814) and son Robert (b. 1817) were all confirmed as Taylors in Dunleckney by 1826 and their own child, Mary, was baptized at Bagenalstown (now Muine Bheag about 1 mile south of Dunleckney) in 1823.   By 1824 they had emigrated to Quebec City where they had another daughter, Anna, in about 1825.  In 1835 their children Joseph and Robert Bowles and Mary and Anna Taylor moved to New Orleans and were joined there by their sister Jane Bowles in 1850.  See The Bowles in New Orleans



Adam Taylor of Ballickmoyler, son of William Taylor married Mary Tunstead a daughter of George Tunstead on Feb. 21, 1852 at Killabban, Queen’s co.

He was a clerk of the County Petty Sessions and lived on Burrin Street (Lot 21) in Carlow (Griffith work books).  They had four children.

1.  Thomas Henry Taylor b. Sept. 24, 1864 Ballickmoyler

2.  George Albert Taylor b. July 12, 1866 Ballickmoyler

m. Susan Watters of Old Derrig Feb. 18, 1896 Killeshin

3.  Joseph Taylor b. Jan. 25, 1868 Queen’s county

4.  Mary Elizabeth Taylor b. Oct. 24, 1869 Ballickmoyler

This Adam Taylor died May 16, 1887 in Ballickmoyler leaving Mary as his beneficiary.  (Will)


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