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Sorting Out the Two Richard Boles/Catherine Rogers Couples

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The Boles of Moyge family tree includes seven Richard Boles in the first four generations.  Even more confusing, two of them, who were first cousins, married women named Catherine Rogers who may also have been first cousins.  This has not been fully sorted out yet but so far I have:
(note: if you don't already understand the old (Julian) calendar used in England before 1751 and often in Quaker records after that, please see Understanding Dates Used in Old English and Quaker Records)

Francis Rogers Family

This was a Quaker family so they are very will documented in Friends records from which the two most important excerpts are:



From which, with a few details added from other Friends family records:


Francis Rogers of Cork

m.(1) Elizabeth Erbury (or Ebury) 1660 Cork

1.  Elizabeth Rogers b. 1662

m. Joseph Pike (lived Mallow, co. Cork) (4.5.1682) June 5, 1682 Cork

(Joseph Pike and Elizabeth Rogers appeared at the Cork meeting on the 29th of the 2 mo 82 (so April, 29, 1682) and were given permission to marry)

Elizabeth d. about a month after their daughter's birth

m.(2) Jane Dring (?) 1666 Bristol

2.  Francis Rogers b. 6.24.1668 Bristol

3.  Mary Rogers b. 1.26.1670 Bristol

4.  Isabell Rogers b. 5.5.1671 Bristol

5.  Rachel Rogers b. 4.13.1674 Bristol

Jane d. 1679

m.(3) Catherine End  (William End, Ann of Mallow, co. Cork) (widow of James Dowlen who d. 1682) 11.8.1684

6.  Catherine Rogers b. (Old date format 1.5.1685/86)  Mar. 5, 1686 Youghal, co. Cork

7.  Anne Rogers b. 4.28.1687 Cork d. 1689

8.  Francis Rogers b. 8.21.1688 Cork d. 1689

9.  William Rogers b. 3.18.1690 Cork d. 1692

10.  Francis Rogers b. 9.27.1691 Cork d. 1703

11.  Mary Rogers b. 2.8.1694 Bristol

Francis Rogers d. Mar. 20, 1694 Bristol (old date 20.1st mon.  1693/4)

Catherine End d. Bristol around 1703


Their children Catherine and Mary then returned to Mallow, Cork where their half sister Elizabeth and their grandfather William End lived.  Mary married Ebenezer Pike and Catherine married Richard Boles on Jan. 4, 1704.


This Richard Boles can be found at 6.3 in the Richard Boles of Cork's Family Tree

Richard and Catherine's marriage certificate as recorded in the Friend's Minutes shows the witnessed at the marriage including Catherine's Grandfather William End, Richard's mother Abigail Boles, Catherine's sister Elizabeth and husband Joseph Pike, her sister Mary's husband or fiancee Ebinezer Pike, Richard's Uncle Richard Busteed and Aunt Joan (Boles), Catherine's Aunt Mary (End) Sleigh and husband Joseph Sleigh and a Daniel Crone who was either the son or grandson of Richard's Great Aunt Joan (Boles) who married a Daniel Crone.  Other than her sister, no Rogers witnessed the marriage as Catherine's parents had died in Bristol. 


So that ones clear, Francis Rogers and Catherine End's daughter Catherine Rogers married Richard Bowles of Ballynalty, co. Cork "and died very poor at London." (per Rogers family register entry).



Their son William is a likely candidate for the author and critical commentator in Cork who used the pen-name Alexander the Coppersmith and may also have been the William Bowles who was a pioneer in botany and geology in Spain in the 1750's to 80's known there as Quillermo Bowles.

The George Rogers Family

Not as much is known about this Richard Bowles/Catharine Rogers couple.  This Richard Boles can be found at 2.2  in the Richard Boles of Cork's Family Tree

Their marriage is recorded in the Cork Meeting family book 1, p. 29 as Richard Bowles m. Catherine Rogers 1717 with no further detail than that.


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