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The Bowles Connections to Ramsey Abbey

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The de Buillis of Bedfordshire, a branch of the 11th century de Busli line of York, and, I believe, the origin of the Bowles of Bedfordshire and possibly many of the later Bowles lines, had an early connection to Ramsey Abbey.


Sir Walter de Stukeley  (Steward of Abbot Trianel, Ramsey; tenant in Abbot’s Ripton, Stukely, Wells)   son Barnabas de Stukeley

daughters married Peter de Builli


There was also an Osbert de Boel in that period.  The Cartuary of Ramsey Monastery lists a charter for 4 pence income from 3 acres of land in Upwell, Norfolk which an Osbertus Bolle had given to the abbey.  It is undated but all the dated charters in the book are from the early 13th century. 


In a somewhat lower economic scale, the same book also lists other Bolles holding land from the abbey: an Andrea (Andrew) Bolle was renting a cottage plot (a cotterel) in Barnwell for an annual rent of 2s 6d and 2 chickens, a Richard Bolle held a small farm with a house and outbuildings with an enclosed plot of land at Warboys (a croft) for '1 pence and two hens on the Feast of St Martin and at Christmas one hen and at Easter 5 eggs', the same or another Richard Bole held a croft and 3 acres at Shillington for 4s annually and an Albricht Bolle

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