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Major Opportunity For Further Research

(in other words:  HELP!!!)
George Bowles and his sons families have been extensively researched but there were also many other Bowles who were almost certainly related to George of whom very little is known.  These Bowles were either from the same community in Ireland or they settled in the same part of Peel co. at the same time as (or before!) Charles.
To help put the following miscellaneous notes into relationship with George Bowles family here is a quick summary:
George Bowles (b. ~ 1765 Tipperary  m. Barbara Young of Kilkenny) arrived Chinguacousy twp. 1830
Charles Bowles (b. 1797 Tipperary m. Nancy Barrie, Kilcooly, Tipperary)  arrived Toronto 1827, Chinguacousy twp. 1829.
David Bowles (b. 1810 Tipperary) arrived Chinguacousy twp. 1830.  Homesteaded in Albion twp. by 1837.

Other Probably Connected Bowles

Mary Bowles (so either a widow of a Bowles or her maiden name was Bowles) b. August 1766 Ireland  d. 1855 Albion twp. Peel co.  She would have been in the same generation as George Bowles.
Ref: Sandhill Cemetery transcript: Mary Bowles  Mar. 29, 1855 at age 88 years, 7 months; Sandhill Cemetery, Albion twp., Peel co.
Memorial Stone
There is a hand drawn family tree for the Bowles of Peel on file at the Peel co. archives which shows Mary to be George's sister but without any further details to support the fact.
Elizabeth Boles b. 1756 Ireland (age 95 in 1851 Peel census)
Owned part of Albion Con 5 Lot 24 in 1837 (so her husband would have been deceased at that time, a single woman would not have qualified for a homestead) Note: this is right beside David Bowles who owned part of Con 5 Lot 25 in 1837
See Bowles in Peel co. Homestead Maps
There was a Samuel Bowles on this same lot in 1878 who moved to Artemesia, Grey co. in 1879. 
1871 Census 
See: Bowles in Artemesia
This Samuel Bowles was born in Albion twp. in 1832 so who were his parents and where did they live in Albion twp?
Important!  (The following is prior to Charles Bowles emigration to Canada and therefore shows that he was preceded by other Bowles family members)
Ellen Maria Bowles m. Henry Taylor in 1827 in Niagara Falls and moved to Albion twp about 1829 (the same year that Charles Bowles moved from Toronto to Peel co.).  Their descendants think her father’s name could have been George.  Henry Taylor homesteaded at Con. 5 Lot 24 Albion according to the 1837 homestead maps.  This is the same lot which Elizabeth Bowles is on.
Ellen and Henry Taylor’s children: William, John, Mary Ann, Joseph, Walter, Henry George, Jeremiah, Adam  and Isaac.
Jeremiah, Henry and Adam Taylor are farming Albion Con 5 Lots 24, 25 and 26 in 1878; these are the former Elizabeth and David Bowles farms from 1837.
Note: Adam Taylor b. ~1847 Albion m. Mary Elizabeth Copperthorne (b. ~ 1850 Albion; Richard, Jane Bemish)  Feb. 14, 1872 Albion twp.
There was also a John Bowles who married Hannah Reid Aug. 29 (or 23rd), 1831 in Chinguacousy twp., Peel co. (and later also moved to Grey co.).  This John Bowles is probably the same John Bowles, widower, who married Sarah Smeltzer in Toronto in 1836 and settled in Sombra, Lambton county.  See John Bowles of Sombra.  John was born in Tipperary in 1802 and so would fit in nicely with Charles (b. 1798) and David's (b. ~ 1810) family from Tipperary.  Also, Sarah Smeltzer was from the same Palatinate settlement in Kilcooly as Charles and David's mother, Barbara Young.  John had sons named Charles and David.  Charles' oldest son was named John so the name would have been important within his family.
A possible connection in Ireland: (this message is no longer on ancestry.com but I have included its text below)
Ellen Bowles b. 1837 Kilkenny  (father Watson Bowles of Kilkenny) arrived US about 1850; lived NY then moved to Wisconsin.  Ref: boards.ancestry.com/mbexec/message/an/surnames.bowles/1183 (no longer online)
Looking for any information on Ellen Bowles.b) 4/13/1837 Kilkenny, Ireland. d) 10/11/1925 in Madison Wisconsin, Dane County. (fathers name was Watson Bowles)
I know that Ellen came to America about 1850 give or take a few years. She lived in New York for a few years before going to Wisconsin.
Watson is a commonly used given name in Charles Bowles' descendants.
A Sarah Jane Bowles was born in 1844 in Chinguacousy twp. to parents John and Elizabeth Bowles.  This wouldn't likely be the Elizabeth Bowles above as she was already a widow in 1837.
An Eliza Bowles of York married John Cunnington of Chinguacousy, Peel co. in York county on Mar. 27, 1851.  The witnesses were David Bowles and Thomas Sparrow. (Wesleyan Methodist record).  Thomas Sparrow was the carpenter whom the Rev. Richard P. Bowles mentions in his memoirs as working on his grandfather's house in 1856.
A Sarah Anne Bowles married a John Lackey of Sandhill, Chinguacousy twp. before 1858.  Ref: William Hillock (b. ~1851 Ireland; parents: John, Elizabeth Irwin) of Orangeville; married Mary Ann Lackey (b. ~1858; parents:  John, Sarah Anne Bowles) of Sandhill;  Oct. 20, 1879 Sandhill, Chinguacousy twp.
A George Bowls married a  Nancy Devalve (both of Chinguacousy) Sept. 17, 1839 in Chinguacousy twp. (ref: Wesleyan Methodist Register)
A distant possibility is Alexander Boles and wife Mary Derick who moved from Halton county to Brampton, Ont. about 1860 with their family.  One son Robert James m. Mary Stewart  Feb. 4, 1862 in Brampton.  Despite the Boles spelling, Brampton is only about 15 miles from Sandhill so there may be a relationship.  See the Bowles in Halton County notes for more on this family.
Finally, the list of signers of the Anti-catholic Petition in Cruhane Parish in 1829 included John, Charles, William and David Bowles.  We know Charles and David.  John is probably one of the John's mentioned above.  Who is William?
List of Cemetery microfilms at the Ontario Archives for further research on Bowles family members in Albion, Chinguacousy and Caledon twps. 

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