The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and England 

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Peel County Homestead Maps
County of Peel Directory for 1837 (see the map of Peel co. below)
Albion twp.
David Bowles at Con. 5 Lot 25 
Elizabeth Bowles at Con. 5 Lot 24
(see Samuel Bowles lot below in 1877)
East Chinguacousy
David Bowles at Con. 5 Lot 32
Charles Bowles at Con. 5 Lot 31
Mitchell & Co.ís General Directory for the City of Toronto and Gazetteer of the Counties of York and Peel for 1866
Township of Chinguacousy  (h = half, f = full)
Bowles, George            5          31h
Bowles, John               5          27f
Bowles, Thomas           5          33
Bowles, Thomas           6          31f
Peel Directory for 1873/74
Chinguacousy Municipal Council includes Thomas Bowles, Reeve.
Chinguacousy East of Hamilton Street
                                Con.     Lot
Charles Bowles             5          32
David Bowles               6          13
George Bowles             5          31
John Bowles                 5          27
Thomas Bowles            6          31
Thomas Bowles            5          32
Caledon East
Charles Bowles            blacksmith
David Bowles               4          2
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Peel, Ont.; Toronto, Walker and Miles, 1877
Caledon Lots
Thomas Bowles of Kilmanagh  Caledon  
Con IV East Lot 2. 
Samuel Bowles Albion  Con V Lot 24.  Albion Lots
Charles Bowles,  Ching. North Con V East Lot 32. 
Chinguacousy Lots
George Bowles,  Ching.  North Con V East Lot 31 and Con VI Lot 32
John Bowles,  Ching. North    Con V East Lot 27 and 28
Thomas Bowles,   Chinguacousy North    Con V East Lot 32, Lot VI East Lot 32 and Con VI East Lot 31  
(shared portion of George's lots above)


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