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George Bowles' Family Tree
See also The George Bowles of Peel county Family History and Some Notable Members of This Family
I want to express my appreciation to several descendants of George Bowles' who have helped me with my account of their family's history and family tree, most notably Charles Bowles (email: charlesgbowles at gmail dot  com) and Dave Rutherford (email: ahmose50 at gmail dot com).
Note: Considering the excellent and ongoing work which Dave Rutherford has done to document this line on Wikitree, in order to eliminate the duplication of our efforts, effective June 17, 2020 this page will no longer be updated.  All of the information and images on this page have been made available to Dave to be included on the Bowles of Peel county Wikitree.
George Bowles b. ~ 1765 Tipperary, Ireland
m. Barbara Young (Jung?) (b. ~ 1776 Ireland; parents probably were John and Elizabeth Young of Bawnlea) ~ 1795 Tipperary, Ireland (possibly at the Methodist chapel in Bawnlea)
(lived in Bawnlea, co. Tipperary; he and his wife followed their son Charles to Canada in 1830 along with daughter Rose and son David; R.P. Bowles in his Bowles of Tipperary, written around 1950, states that George and Barbara Bowles married "somewhere about one hundred and fifty years ago, in Tipperary, Ireland, and not far from the village of Kilkenny" and also that Charles and Anne lived in Kilkenny before they left for Canada in 1827; R.P.B. must have confused the name Kilkenny for Bawnlea) (note: Bawnlea is in county Tipperary but very near the border with county Kilkenny; his 'village of Kilkenny' must have been a reference to Bawnlea as Kilkenny could refer to both a large county and the principle city of that county but not a village and there is ample evidence for the family living at Bawnlea prior to 1827)
1.      Charles Bowles b. 1797 Tipperary, Ireland
m. Nancy Anne Barrie (b. ~ 1795 ) ~1824  Tipperary, Ireland
(emigrated to Peel county, Ontario, Canada in 1827)
     1.1  Eliza Bowles b. 1826  Tipperary , Ireland
m. Mr. Wilson
d. Oct. 18, 1852 Sandhill, Albion, Peel co. (soon after her marriage)
     1.2  John Bowles b. June 27, 1828 Toronto
m. Mary Lester (b. Apr. 2, 1835 Albion, Peel co.; Isaac, Agnes)
                                                June 22, 1858 Albion, Ont. (witn: Thomas and George Bowles)

Thought to be Mary Lester Bowles about 1875


Mary Lester Bowles about 1895


Children of John Bowles and Mary Lester: J. Harvey, Dr. George, Albert E., Isaac,  Eliza, Charles F., William

                1.2.1   Charles Fletcher Bowles b. ~ 1859 Ont. 
                           m. Rebecca (Beckie) Nixon (John Hugh, Mary Rebecca Shaw)
Jan. 25, 1887 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
They homesteaded first at Ubby, Michigan where 7 daughters and one son were born.  They moved to Manitoba and settled in the Gartmore District in 1908.  Later they retired to live near three of their children in Los Angeles, CA.

Charles and Rebecca with their 4 oldest children


With their 7 girls and one son

  When living in Russell, MB
                    Violet Maretta Bowles
 m. Del Garner
 lived in Los Angeles  Aleta
       m. Mr. Kimbler
             they have two children
 Del d. 1947
 Violet d. Jan. 9, 1983 bur. Jan. 13 Rose Hills Park, California
                    Ellen Bowles m. Ed Straffords, lived in Los Angeles
                    Alna Bowles m. Arthur Kirkbride, lived Vancouver
                    George Albert Bowles b. April 1897 Michigan, never married, lived in South Gate, California
(San Francisco)
                    Aletta Bowles m. Harry McDonaugh, lived in Los Angeles
                                                            One son Dr. McDonagh of Los Angeles
                    Sylvia Bowles b. May 1893 Michigan, m. Harold Dibble, lived in Calgary
                                Mary Dibble
                                Charles Dibble
                                Wallace Dibble
                    Eva Bowles (or Ena) m. Fred Hertlein
 live in Russell, MB  Irene Hertlein (m. Donald McLeod)  Donnie Hertlein (m. Ralph Tibbats)  Margaret Hertlein (m. Roy Cusitar)
                    Anna Ferne Bowles b. Feb. 22, 1899 Ubbey, MI, USA
        m. Jack Hyde (b. Aug. 1893 Silverton, MB; Peter, Margaret Forbes)
July 16, 1924 Silverton, MB
farmed north of Silverton and moved to Russell, MB in 1951  Harvey Hyde
      m. Mona  (they live Treherne, MB)
own Hyde family farm at 4-21-27  Merna Hyde
      m. W. McLeod (they live Russell, MB)  Ruth Hyde
      m. Robert Pickrell (they live Semans, SK)
       Jack d. 1974
       Ferne d. May 4 bur. May 7, 1990  Russell, MB
Charles d. Mar. 28, 1955 Los Angeles, California
Rebecca d. California
                 1.2.2  Agnes Maretta Bowles b. Dec. 17, 1861 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
                                                            d. Aug. 11, 1903 Albion twp.  ref # 029929/03
                 1.2.3  George Henry Bowles b. Nov. 17, 1863 (1901 census)  Chinguacousy, Peel co.
                            (he was a Doctor in Woodhill and later in Toronto) 
                          m. Margaret (Madge) Isabel Graham
                                                 (b. Nov. 2, 1872 Ont.; Thomas, Mary Jane Simpson)
Nov. 24, 1897 Toronto, Ont.
George Bowles about 1883   Margaret Isabella Graham Wedding 1897    Marriage Announcement   Dr. George, Madge and Graham about 1902   With Graham and baby  John Thomas about 1911   John Thomas wearing Dr Lewis Campbell's lacrosse gear   Madge Graham Bowles
Note: the 2nd, 3rd and 6th photos above provided courtesy of Luanne Edwards, a descendant on the Graham side.  She can be contacted at     ldedwards at rogers dot com (in the appropriate email address format)
                   George Graham Bowles b. June 24, 1900 Wood Hill, Ont.
                                                  m.   Elsie Kate Howard (b. 1898 London, Eng.) at Niagara Falls
George Graham in 1900, in 1902 and in 1907. His wife Elsie Their children George, Peggy, Charles and Mary  George Howard Bowles b. July 11, ?
                                                      m.  Rena Webster (b. ? Bradley)
                                              living (adopted, son of Rena)
                                                      George d. 1987
                                                      Rena d. 2003
                               Margaret (Peggy) Bowles b. Jan. 11, 1927
                                                      m. Arthur Wilson  July 5, 1947, Toronto, Ont.
                                                      Arthur d. 1974
                               Charles Graham Patrick Bowles b. Sept. 8, 1934
           bp. Jan. 3, 1943 (by Rev. Isaac G. Bowles)
                                                       m. (1) Joan Mae Winter
                                                                   (b. Aug. 16, 1939; Henry Russell, Evelyn Osmun)
                                                                          Sept. 3, 1960 Hampton, N.J., USA (divorced)
                                               Jeffrey Henry Bowles b. Sept. 16, 1961
                                                                Matthew Bowles b. Oct. 21, 1995
                                               Alison Kathleen Bowles b. Sept. 30, 1962
                                               Jennifer Evelyn Bowles b. Dec. 4, 1964
                                               John Graham Patrick Bowles b. Nov. 1966
                                                                        d.  Feb. 1967
                                               Daniel Trevor Bowles b. May 31, 1973
                                                       m. (2) living  Dec. 29, 1978
                                                     Charles and his sister Mary find buried loot  Mary-Jane Bowles b. Aug. 24, 1939
                                                     bp. Jan. 3, 1943 (by Rev. Isaac G. Bowles)
                                                     m. Dr. Gordon Edward Johnson, pharmacist
                              Elsie Kate d. Feb. 13, 1967 Toronto, Ont.
                              Graham d. 1987 Saskatoon
                   Charles Douglas Bowles b. May 16, 1903
                                                           d. Nov. 24, 1903 
 Charles Douglas Bowles Memorial Stone
                    John Thomas Bowles  b. 1910
                                        m. Enid Poole
                                                        m. Duncan McKillop
George d. Apr. 10, 1940, Toronto bur. Brampton Cemetery
Madge d. Mar. 1, 1952 Scarborough, Ont. bur. Brampton Cemetery
George Bowles Margaret Graham Memorial Stone
1901 Census 
1.2.4  Elizabeth (Eliza) Bowles b. Sept. 1, 1865 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
                           m. John Raine Feb. 19, 1890 Chinguacousy, Peel co.  ref # 009551/90
                                                                        (lived Tullamore, Peel co.)
                             Lizzie Bowles and John Raine Wedding in 1890  Harvey Raine
Eliza d. June 5, 1941 bur. Sandhill Cemetery, Albion
John d. March 24, 1947 bur. Sandhill Cemetery, Albion
John Raine Elizabeth Bowles Memorial Stone 
                 1.2.5 Isaac Graham Bowles b. Nov. 2, 1867 bp. Mar. 22, 1868 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
(he was a Methodist pastor)
 m. Ida Louise Gerolamay (b. Mar. 22, 1871, Tara, Ont.; Walter, Francis Smith)
June 20, 1899 Tara, Bruce co., Ont. ref # 003603/99
Rev. Isaac Bowles   His wife Ida    Isaac and Ida with baby Ethel      With Ethel and baby Lester   Isaac and Ida  Ethel Bowles
     m.  William C. Harris  William Bowles Harris  Lester Bowles
 Rev. I.G. Bowles presided at Adelaide Bowles (sister-in-law) funeral in 1928 in Toronto
 Infant son born Oct. 15, 1869 died Oct. 17, 1869 Chinguacousy, Peel co. ref # 009597/70
 1901 Census 
                           Brothers Dr. George and Rev. Isaac Bowles (seated) and wives
                 1.2.6  William David Bowles  b. Mar. 12 bp. May 28, 1871 Chinguacousy, Peel co. 
                                                                   ref # 004449/71
                          m. Mina Lova Ward (b. May 25, 1875 Woodhill; George, Harriet Balfour)
                                             Dec. 25, 1906 Woodhill, Ont.  (witness A. E. Bowles of Winnipeg)
                                             Ref # 015854/06 (groom’s name given as James David)
(they lived in Brampton, Ont. where William was the Clerk and Treasurer of Chinguacousy twp.)  Rhoda Mary Bowles b.
  About 1925     1932  Wedding Day 1944
   m.  Jacob Carroll Anderson  July 22, 1944 Toronto, Ont.  David Anderson  Thomas Anderson
                        William David d. Jan. 13, 1953 Sandhill Cemetery, Albion twp.
                        Mina d. July 3, 1958 Sandhill Cemetery, Albion twp.
               1.2.7  Albert Edwin Bowles b. May 31, 1873 Chinguacousy, Peel co.  ref # 016451/73
(moved from Brampton to Winnipeg in Nov. 1905,  was a lawyer, formed firm of Bowles & White which became Taylor & Bowles 1906, pres. of Young Liberals Club, was made KC in 1930 (King’s Counsel))
Albert Edwin Bowles
m. Lillian Jane Lougheed  (father: Joseph) Sept. 15, 1909  David Albert Bowles b. Oct. 5, 1916 Winnipeg, MB
m. Katherine ?  when?
(lived at 10 Riverside Drive, Winnipeg;  was a lawyer, was made QC in 1976 (Queen’s Counsel))  David L. Bowles
David Albert d. Sept. 25, 1981 bur. Sept. 28 Winnipeg  Dr. Howard E. Bowles b. ca. 1920; a physician and surgeon in Winnipeg
m. Janet May ? (b. 1921)  Living b. 1953
m. Living 1977
3 children  Living b. 1955
m.  Tony Cahalin
2 children
Tony d. ca. 2001
Howard d. 2000
              1.2.8  John Harvey Bowles b. Apr. 21, 1876 Chinguacousy, Peel co.  ref # 023799/76
                                           (was a Real Estate dealer in Winnipeg; moved to Toronto)
                           John Harvey Bowles
                       m. Adelaide (b. ~ 1890)
                       Adelaide d. Nov. 24, 1928 Winnipeg,  ref # MB 054194/28
bur. Mt. Pleasant cemetery, Toronto
                       Harvey d. Toronto
              1.2.9  Ann Jane Bowles b. July 3, 1878 d. Mar. 6, 1880 bur. Sandhill Cemetery
                           John Bowles and Mary Lester's 50th Anniversary in 1908
John d. June 15, 1912  bur. Sandhill Cemetery, Albion twp.  ref # 039376/12
Mary d. Oct. 12, 1904  bur. Sandhill Cemetery  Albion twp.  ref # 022373/04
1861 Census 
1871 Census 
1881 Census 
1.3  Thomas Bowles b. July 27, 1830 Chinguacousy, Ont.
(owned part of Lot 31 Chinguacousy East, started as a farmer and grain merchant at Mono Road, moved to Orangeville in 1883 as the first Sheriff of Dufferin County (Sheriff from 1883-1913), was a Director of the Credit Valley Railroad, councilman (1863-67) and Reeve of Chinguacousy twp. For 10 years; see his obituary)
        m. Jane Lester (b. Oct. 10 or 25, 1833 Ontario; Isaac, Agnes) ~ 1855
  Thomas Bowles and Jane Lester            Thomas and Jane Bowles and family
1.3.1  Charles Wesley Bowles b. Jan. 21, 1858
m. Rebecca (Beckie) Wilson (b. Jan. 7, 1861) Nov. 11, 1885 Albion twp.
 (They moved their family to Biggar, SK in 1914.)
Read an account of this Family's history  Edna Jane Bowles b. Aug. 17, 1888
              m. George E. Cameron Jan. 1, 1913  (lived Orangeville)  John Donald Cameron b. May 10, 1914
m.  Elsa  Oct. 4, 1937
Children: Douglas, Helen, Karen  Jean Cameron
m.  Earle Hibbert  Feb. 4, 1938
      Children: Joan, Sandra, Carolle, Lynn, David, Sharon
                                                                        Earle d. 1957  Wilson Cameron
m.  Thelma  Mar. 1, 1945
Children: Rickey, Donald   Marion Cameron
m.  Cecil Irvin  June 24, 1945
Children: Steven, Glen, Allen, Nancy Anne   Helen Cameron
m.  Gayle Honey  Oct. 7, 1953
Children: Cameron Gayle, Patricia Helen  Annie Alberta Bowles b. Dec. 21, 1895 
  m.  George Ernest Train of Detroit  Sept. 15, 1920  Audrey Jane Train b. Nov. 2, 1925
     m. Dr. Francis Gerbasi  Apr. 1, 1958   Douglas Charles Train (twin with Donald George)
d.  Mar. 31, 1937  Donald George Train 
  Annie d. Jan. 9, 1962  Thomas Russell Bowles b. Jan. 26, 1897
   m.  Mary Kristine Fairbanks (b. Sept. 22, 1903, Morden, MB; Charles, Johanna);
Jan. 29, 1924 Saskatoon, SK (lived Biggar, SK)
Children: Raymond, Ronald, Lois, Patricia,   Glenn

Note: Lois has provided me with this family's history  Wilson Graham Bowles b. Jan. 31, 1898
               m. Leeta Clark (b. Dec. 4, 1900) Nov. 26, 1921
               Wilson d. Mar. 3, 1969
               Leeta d. Oct. 20, 1970  Charles Victor Bowles b. May 24, 1900 (lived Monrovia, Calif.)
   m.  Fernetta Towne  Dec. 24, 1937   Robert William m. Nov. 1960
         Charles d. Oct. 21, 1938  Brampton, Ont.
 Rebecca d. Mar. 21, 1945
 Charles Wesley Bowles Rebecca Wilson Memorial 
 1901 Census 
1.3.2  Isaac Robert Bowles b. Aug. 7, 1859  Ont.
               m. Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cunnington (b. Sept. 1, 1864; Alexander) ca. 1888
                (they farmed Con. 6, Lot 3  Chinguacousy twp.)
                            Thomas Newman Bowles b. Oct. 3, 1889 Chinguacousy  ref. # 028016/89
                                                lived in Boston in 1931
m. Cora Gertrude McElroy (b. 1890)
Thomas d. 1952  Alexander Clarence Bowles b. Apr. 28, 1892 Ont.
           (Captain in WW1; lived Toronto, in England in 1931)
m. Maud Alice Clayson (b. 1895)
children (private)
Alec d. 1956  Thelma Audrey Bowles b. July 15, 1900 Ont.
             m. L. M. Thompson
 d. 1962  Elizabeth Kathleen (Kay) Bowles b. Mar. 26, 1906 Peel co. ref. # 034684/06
m. Frederick Louis August Brinkmeyer (b. July 24, 1909 St Louis, MO)
children (private)
Frederick d. Aug. 26, 1971 Cheshire, CT
Kay d. Feb. 1979 St Louis,  MO
Isaac Robert d. 1931
1901 Census 
1.3.3  Elizabeth Bertha (Eliza) Bowles b. Apr. 2, 1855 or 1861 Chinguacousy
m. Thomas McCartney, farmer (b. ~1865, Albion twp.;  Henry, Jane)
Jan. 9, 1884 Orangeville, Ont.  ref # 002467/84
(they lived Caledon, Ont.)
  Thought to be Eliza Bowles marriage to Thomas McCartney  Roy McCartney  Melville McCartney
Thomas d. May 16, 1917
Eliza d. Feb. 24, 1942
Thomas McCartney Bertha Bowles Memorial Stone 
1.3.4  Martha Jane (Jennie) Bowles b. ~ 1863 Chinguacousy
m. Marshall W. Green, grain merchant in Orangeville    
(b. ~1862, Brampton; John Green, Sarah Ann Marshall)
                                                     Aug. 15, 1886 Orangeville, Ont.  ref # 002486/86
                 Lester Green (lived Toronto)
                 John Green  Kathleen Green m. Mr. Gordon (lived Kamloops, B.C.)
Jennie d. 1934
1.3.5  Thomas Edgar Bowles b. ~ 1866 Mono Road, Peel co. (July 18, 1877 in 1901 Census)
  (lived Wingham with wife and one daughter)
m.  Rosa M. Homuth (b. May 2, 1872, Galt, Ont.; John J., Mary)
July 22, 1891 Wingham, Ont.  ref # 005129/91
(at time of marriage was a merchant of Mono Road)
(in 1901 was a Sheriff in Orangeville with his father)  Alice Bowles b. Aug. 8, 1893 Ont. (1901 census) 
Edgar d. < 1945
Rosa d. July 27, 1945 Toronto Rosa Bowles Obit
       1.3.6  Ann (Annie ) Sarah Bowles b. 1867-68, bp. Nov. 29, 1868 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
                         m. Rev. Edwin Arthur Pearson, July 13, 1892 Orangeville Meth. Church
 (the Orangeville newspaper coverage must be considered accurate but for some reason there is also a plaque in Kleinburg which claims the marriage occurred there)  Vaughan Pearson (lived Toronto, a bond trader)  Marmaduke Pearson (lived Chicago)  The Hon. Lester Bowles Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada
            b. Apr. 23, 1897  Newtonbrook, Ont.   ref. 048220/97
            m. Maryon Elspeth Moody (b. 1901)
            Maryon d. 1989
            Hon. Lester Pearson d. 1972
Rev. Pearson d. 1931
Annie d. 1960
1.3.7  William Herbert Bowles b. Jan. 11, 1874  ref # 013581/74
 m. Helen Snell  (they lived Orangeville, he was a dentist)
Thomas d. Aug. 9, 1913 Orangeville, Ont. ref # 012318/13
Jane d. July 29, 1919 Orangeville, Ont. ref # 011577/19
Jane Lester Memorial Stone 
1861 Census 
1871 Census 
1881 Census 
1901 Census 
Thomas was appointed Sheriff of Durham co. in 1881.  By 1901 his son, Edgar Thomas, was also working with him.  Edgar's wife, Rose, is in the 1901 Census with their daughter, Alice, living with her parents in Wingham, Huron co., Ontario. 
See The Bowles of Wingham Village, Huron co.
          1.4  George Bowles b. Aug. 14, 1832  Ont.
(Treasurer of Chinguacousy twp., local preacher and superintendent of Caesar’s Church, owned part of Lot 31 Chinguacousy East in 1868)
                 m. Elizabeth Unett Pinch (b. June 20,1844 London, England; Rev. Richard, Mary) of Mono Mills
                                                May 30, 1861 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
                               George Bowles and Elizabeth Unett Pinch
                 1.4.1  Charles Watson Bowles b. ~ 1862 Chinguacousy;
d. Jan. 10, 1882 Sandhill, Albion at age 19  ref # 013848/82
Charles Watson Bowles Memorial Stone
                 1.4.2  Richard Pinch Bowles b. Aug. 17, 1864 Chinguacousy
(Rev. of Grace Church, Winnipeg and of Sherbourne Street Methodist in Toronto, Professor of Homiletics at Victoria College 1905-1913, Chancellor 1913-1930, retired to his farm Lot 17 Con. 7 Blackstock, Ont.)
                                m. Annie U. Devitt (b. Apr. 9, 1864 Canada; James, Mary; Cartwright, Ont.)
Sept. 4, 1888 Blackstock, Ont.   ref. # 008327/88
                                Rev. R. P. Bowles and his wife Annie Devitt
                   Vera Bowles  (Addie in 1901 census) b. Oct. 10, 1890 Ont.
       m. Rev. J. E. Griffity
                               Anne Griffity
                                                     m. Edgar Emerson
                                             living  living
                                       Vera d.  ~ 1926 of Tuberculosis  Wilfred George Bowles b. Jan. 1, 1895 Ont.
                                      m. Jean Edgington ~ 1925
                                                      bought Lot 12 Con 7 Blackstock in 1935
                              Richard Wilfred Pinch Bowles b. Oct. 3, 1927 South Porcupine, Ont.
m. Jean Maybelle Jessie Nugent 1952 living living living living living
Rick d. Oct. 16, 2017 Port Perry, Ont.
                              Patricia Bowles
                  Muriel Bowles b. 1894 ; d. 1906 age 12
Annie d. Apr. 14, 1951 (Port Perry Star; Apr. 19, 1951 p.4)
Richard d. Jan. 1960
1901 Census 
                1.4.3  John Albert Bowles b. Sept.4, 1866 (1901 Census) Chinguacousy
m. Lavinia (Levina) Ianson (b. Dec. 25, 1869 Ontario) Feb. 25, 1891 Chinguacousy
                                                             (they came to Glenwood Municipality in 1888 and farmed in Souris, MB)  George Newton Bowles b. Dec. 26, 1893  RM of Glenwood,MB   ref # 003993/93
George d. 1959 (did not marry)  Allen Ianson Bowles  b.  Sept. 25, 1896 R.M. of Glenwood, MB  ref # 005744/97
m. Reita May Morrison (b. Dec. 4, 1916 Beresford, MB; William, Rachel) Dec. 12, 1934 Douglas Allen Bowles b. 1935
m.(1) Marilyn Macdonald 1955
(three sons, living)
m.(2) (living)  Beverly Wayne  Bowles b. Nov. 14, 1938 Souris, MB
m. Evelyn Bond (Grant, Esther; Teulon, MB) 1961  Sharon Patricia Bowles b. ~ 1962
m. living
2 children, living
Sharon d. Apr. 10, 2000 (at age 38)  two other daughters, living
Wayne d. Feb. 24, 2017 Souris, MB
Allen d. 1964
Reita d. Oct. 3, 2004 Souris, MB  Albert Howard Bowles b. 1903
 Howard d. 1965
                1.4.4  Thomas Sherlock Bowles b. May 31, 1868 Chinguacousy
m. Margaret T. (Maggie) Ward (b. Sept. 8, 1870 Ont.)  
                                             March 19, 1890 Caledon, Peel co.
(they farmed in Manitoba at Souris, Stonewall and Morden and Swift Current,SK)  Charles Watson Bowles b. June 7, 1893 R.M. of Glenwood, MB  ref # 002169/93              Edythe Bertha Bowles  b. July 13, 1895 R.M of  Glenwood, MB  ref # 005512/95
      m. Mr. Burton  (lived Trail, B.C.)         George Henry Bowles b. Mar 7, 1897 R.M. of Glenwood, MB  ref # 002787/97
(Watson and Newton farmed in Souris, MB and in Swift Current, SK)  A. Edward Bowles b. May 30, 1899           
Thomas d. ~ 1951 in SK
1901 Census 
                1.4.5  Eliza Ann (Liala) Bowles  b. Oct. 5, 1870 Chinguacousy  ref # 015300/70
m. Rev. Gilbert Agar, July 31, 1894 Chinguacousy  Beth Agar
Liala d. May 17, 1899 Sandhill, Albion
Eliza Agar Memorial Stone 
               1.4.6  Hedley Viccars Bowles b. Sept. 8, 1874 Chinguacousy  ref # 216046/74
d. Sept. 20, 1874 Chinguacousy
               1.4.7  Manly Bowles b. Sept. 19, 1875 Chinguacousy  ref # 223725/76
(was a Dentist in Winnipeg, came in 1896 according to his family but census records show him still in Brampton in 1901)
m. Florence Mae Spink (father: Richard) Sept. 7, 1909 Winnipeg, MB ref # 002349/09  George William (Bill) Bowles b. ~ 1915? (thought he was the oldest?)
(was an electrical engineer living in Montreal)
m. ?  Robyn Bowles of Victoria, Texas  Richard Bowles of Manhattan, Kansas  Randy Bowles of DePere, WI
Lived in DePere, WI for 25 years.
d. May 1, 1984 DePere, WI, USA at age 69  Richard Spink Bowles b. Nov. 16, 1912 Winnipeg, MB
(was Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba 1965-70)
m. Una 'Frances' Arnett (b. Nov. 29, 1913)  living (motivational speaker/author)
m. living  living  living  living
m. living  living  living  living  living
m. living  living  living  living  living
m. living  living  living
The Hon. Richard S. Bowles d. July 9, 1988
Frances d. May 13, 2016 Winnipeg, MB  obit
Manly d. 1947 Winnipeg, MB (at 111 Harvard Avenue)
1901 Census 
               1.4.8  Newton Ernest Bowles b. Sept. 9, 1877 Chinguacousy  ref #022609/77 (in Mono Mills per his obit)
(graduate of Victoria College 1903, became Reverend; was a missionary in Szechwan, China for 20 years where he met Muriel, a nurse at the Methodist Mission and where he raised his family; family returned to Canada in 1926; served as Pastor at St David's UC Niagara, the Dixie UC and at the UC's in Sunderland and Bradford; lived Nestleton, Ont in 1947; retired to Brampton, Ont. in 1967)
   Muriel Wood 1909  Muriel Bowles  Muriel and Newton Bowles  Newton Bowles' children in China  Rev Newton Bowles family  Rev Newton and Muriel Bowles
The Rev. Newton Bowles; Muriel Wood in 1909 and as his wife in 1912; with children Muriel & Newton Rowell in 1917; his four children in China about 1925; the whole family in 1930 and Rev. Newton and Muriel in retirement.
m. Muriel Olive Brearly Wood (b. 1880, father:George) 1912 Rosedale, Ont.  Muriel Bowles  b. ~ 1914 m. Mr. Duggan (lived in B.C.)  Newton Rowell Bowles b. Sept. 29, 1916 Chengdu, Szechwan province, China
(lived in China and N.Y.)
See Rev. Newton Bowles on the Victoria Missionaries Exhibition (University of Toronto)
m.(1) Augusta Davis (C. Edwin of San Marino) Mar. 29, 1946
Community Church, Shanghai, China;
Rev. K. H. Ting officiated  (Bradford Witness  6/5/1946)
(Newton Bowles was named a Member of the Order of Canada in 2002 by Gov. Gen. Adrienne Clarkson)
(divorced in the 1960's)
m.(2) Jean (Pres) Presley
Pres d. 1996
Augusta d. 2006
Newton Rowell d. Oct. 2, 2012 Duluth, MN obit
                 Elizabeth (Betty) Joy Bowles b. Mar. 26, 1921
m. Dr. Donald David Rutherford  Jan. 3, 1947 Rosedale U.C., Toronto
(The Bradford Witness, Jan. 8, 1947)
(lived Windsor, Ont.)  son living b. Apr. 1, 1950 Grace Hospital  son living b. Oct. ,7, 1952  son living b. Nov. 8, 1956  daug. living b. Nov. 25, 1960
Dr. Rutherford d. Mar. 26, 1988
Betty d. Dec. 26, 2006 Windsor, Ont.  Gertrude (Trudie) Bowles (lived in N.Y.)
m. Shaum Singh (from Bangalore)
(lived New Delhi, San Francisco)  Jennifer Singh b. ~ 1966, d. 1987 Windsor, Ont.
Shaum d. early 1970's
Trudie d. ~ 2008 Windsor, Ont.
Muriel d. Jan. 9. 1969 Peel Hospital, Brampton, Ont.
Rev. Newton d. Sept. 5, 1970 Peel Hospital, Brampton, Ont.
Rev. Newton Bowles Garve
               1.4.9  Henry (Harry) Bowles b. Sept. 20, 1879 Chinguacousy  ref # 023749/79
                        d. July 19, 1884 Chinguacousy  ref # 013239/84
 Harry Bowles Memorial Stone
               1.4.10  Marie Unett Bowles b. Dec. 6, 1881 Chinguacousy  ref # 226124/82
                        m. Rev. J. I. Smith   (they lived in Chipman, Alta. And later Edmonton)
                Bessie Smith b. ?
                                     m. Seth Halton (lived Victoria, B.C.)
George d. Mar. 8, 1912 Sandhill, Albion, Peel co.  ref. # 025049/12
Elizabeth d. June 16, 1926 Lamont, Alta. at age 82; bur. Sandhill Cemetery
George Bowles Elizabeth Hunett Memorial stone 
1871 Census 
1881 Census 
1901 Census 
     Charles d. Dec. 10, 1879  Sandhill, Albion  ref # 011405/79
     Anne d. Feb. 24, 1886 Chinguacousy, Peel co.; age 91 ref. # 014091/86
Charles Bowles Nancy Barrie Memorial stone 
1851 Census
1861 Census 
1871 Census 
1881 Census 
 2.      Rosannah (Rose) Bowles b. ca. 1813 Tipperary, Ireland
     m. Peter (father: Peter) Douglas Nov. 29, 1830 Toronto (Colonial Advocate, York  Dec. 9, 1830 p.31 ref.)
(they lived on the Bowles family farm at Streetsville, Ont. about 20 miles from Chinguacousy; she moved to Toronto when her husband died and ran a boarding house with her father-in-law and her two unmarried daughters)
2.1   Margaret (Maggie) Douglas b. ~ 1831 Ont. d. 1901 (did not marry)
2.2   John Douglas b. ~ 1832 Ont. d. 1858 bur. in Scotch Burying Ground, Streetsville, Toronto twp., Ont.
2.3   Ellen Douglas b. ~ 1835 Ont. d. 1911 (did not marry)
2.4   George Douglas b. ~ 1838 Ont. d. 1915
2.5   Charles Douglas, M.D. b. ~ 1844 Ont. (lived Detroit)
Peter d. 1855, bur. in Scotch Burying Ground, Streetsville, Toronto twp., Ont.
Rose d. ca. 1890
1851 Census Rosannah Douglas and mom Barbara Boles 1851 Census
3.   David Bowles b. ~ 1810 Tipperary , Ireland
m. Margaret Judge (b. ~ 1800 Ireland, widow with 2 children, maiden name possibly McGee)
Apr. 25, 1840, Chinguacousy
(witness Charles Bowles)
                        Margaret’s two children from her previous marriage
                        John Judge b. ~ 1834 U.S.
                        Caroline Judge b. ~ 1838 U.S.
       3.1  George Bowles b. Feb. 9, 1841 bp. Sept. 16, 1844  Chinguacousy, Peel co.
             (moved to US and served in Civil War, was a sheriff in Maryland; married and died in Maryland)
             m. Elizabeth Smith
             3.1.1  George Bowles
       3.2  Anne Bowles b. Aug. 29, 1842 bp. Sept. 16, 1844 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
             m. Robert Graham (b. ~1838 Ireland; Andrew, Ann) of Bruce co.,   May 2, 1866, Chinguacousy
                 (they lived in Clinton, Ont. where he was the Town Clerk)
       3.3  Thomas Bowles b. Aug. 9, bp. Sept. 16, 1844 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
             m. Margaret Lindsay (b. Mar. 31, 1852 Albion twp.; James, Rachael)
May 31, 1871 Albion twp., Ont.
                                    (he was a constable and a “turnkey” in Grey county)
             3.3.1  James Charles Bowles b. Mar. 14, 1873; d. Nov. 3, 1873 Albion twp.  Ref # 207882/74
Thomas Bowles Children Memorial Stone 
             3.3.2  James Albert Bowles b. Feb. 26, 1874; d. Nov. 25, 1874 Albion twp. (see brother's memorial stone above)
             3.3.3  Rachael Olivia Ann (Annie) Bowles  b. Dec. 18, 1875  Chinguacousy ref # 223827/76
                      m. William John Russell (b. July 24, 1869 Richmond Hill; Thomas, Ann Robinson)
 Dec. 21, 1904 Chinguacousy  ref. # 015011/04
                      Annie d. June 24, 1954 Sandhill, Albion twp.
                      William d. Oct. 13, 1958 Albion twp.
William Russell Olivia Bowles Memorial Stone 
             3.3.4  David Alfred Bowles b. May 9, 1877 Chinguacousy   ref # 022560/77
                      d. May 2, 1897 Sandhill, Albion twp.  ref. # 026029/97 (see brother's memorial stone above)
             3.3.5  Mary M. Bowles b. Dec. 26, 1878 Ontario
             3.3.6  Norma May Bowles b. Mar. 24, 1886  Ont. ref # 028912/86
m. James Brooks Elliott (b. ~1880; Joseph E., Letitia Brooks) farmer of Mono Road
            June 13, 1906 Mono Road  ref. # 015797/06
             3.3.7  Reta Laura Bowles b. Sept. 23, 1890 Ont.
                        m. Mr. Shaw
Thomas d. Feb. 18,  1937 at age 90; bur. Sandhill Cemetery
Margaret d. March 23, 1926
Thomas Bowles Margaret Lindsay Memorial Stone 
1881 Census 
1901 Census 
       3.4  Charles Bowles b. Mar. 10, 1845 Chinguacousy  bp. Nov. 25, 1850 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
             (was a blacksmith at Mono Road and later the Governor of the Orangeville County Jail)
             m. Martha Lindsay (b. June 18, 1848 Chinguacousy; Andrew, Martha Narnick) ~ 1876
             3.4.1  George Wilfred Bowles b. Aug. 12, 1877 Albion twp.  ref # 022696/77
                                       (was a reporter at the Evening Telegram)
             3.4.2  Anna (Annie) Otilla (Ottie) Bowles b. July 28, 1881 Orangeville, Ont.
                      m. Arthur V. Trimble (b. ~ 1881 Trafalgar twp.; William, Mary Wigglesworth)
                                                     Apr. 11, 1906 Orangeville, Ont.   ref # 006338/0638/06
Martha d. July 13, 1917 Orangeville, Ont.  
Charles d. ? 
1881 Census 
1901 Census 
3.5  David Alfred Bowles b. Oct. 9, 1847 Chinguacousy bp. Nov. 25, 1850 Chinguacousy, Peel co.
d. May 14, 1869 bur. Sandhill cemetery, Albion twp, Peel co.  (see parent's memorial stone below)
David d. Jan. 18, 1885 at age 75 bur. Sandhill Cemetery, Albion twp, Peel co.
Margaret d. June 30, 1894 at age 94
David Bowles Margaret McGee Memorial Stone 
1851 Census David Boles 1851 Census
1861 Census 
1871 Census 
George d. May 20, 1830 age 65 soon after arriving in Peel co. (first person buried in Sandhill cemetery)
Barbara d. Jan. 18, 1854 at age 78 Chinguacousy, Peel co. (living with daughter Rosanna Douglas in Toronto township in 1851 Census)
George Bowles Barbara Young Memorial Stone 

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