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Other Taylor Lines with Potential Connections to the Taylors from Scotland

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See also Quaker Source References for Other Taylor Lines
We know that Adam Taylor and William Taylor were both from Scotland, that Adam came specifically from Slamannan parish in Stirlingshire, Scotland around 1710, that they were both Quakers prior to their arrival in Ireland and that there are enough connections between Adam and William to indicate that they were closely related but we don't know if Adam's father, Allen Taylor of Slamannan parish, was actually Scottish or if he was a Taylor from England just living in Scotland.  Either are possible but I haven't researched the Taylor name in Stirlingshire enough to know which is more likely.  The one record I have found that is likely their line is for an Allan Taillyor marrying a Jonet Adam of Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland on 26 Nov 1676 at Falkirk.  That's close to Slamannan and Jonet's surname may explain Adam's given name which was unusual for the time.
Allen Taylor may well have been among the many English Protestant dissenters who found safety in Scotland in the 1600's.
Based on that I believe that the other Quaker Taylor's in Ireland in the late 1600's: Jonathan Taylor (by 1676) and his son Joseph, a tallow chandler in Dublin; James Taylor, in Ireland by 1654 and one of the first Quakers in Wexford by 1662 and John Taylor of Wexford by 1600; should also be considered as potentially connected to Adam and William. 
The Society of Friends (Quakers) membership in Ireland was quite small in that early period yet the Taylor name is strongly associated with both the Dublin and Wexford meetings.  Jonathan Taylor and a James Taylor both attended the Dublin Mens Meetings at the same time in 1684.
Note: this page is admittedly pure speculation but may yet lead to more definitive results with further research

Joseph Taylor of Dublin

When Edward Cooper agreed to give Adam Taylor an opportunity, he may have been influenced by his own family connection to a fellow Quaker named Taylor. 

Joseph Taylor, a tallow chandler in Dublin, was Edward Cooper’s brother-in-law.  Through the excellent records kept by the Quakers I was able to discover this connection as shown in the following Taylor and Inglefield Family Trees.


Jonathan Taylor m.(1) Mary Baker (James and Mary of Birmingham) (widow of Henry Tibbs) Dec. 5, 1676 at the house of Elizabeth Maine, widow, in Bridestreet, Dublin

1.  Mary Taylor m. John Bodily Dec. 9, 1692 Dublin

Mary d. & bur. May 2, 1694

2.  Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan d. & bur. Sept. 4, 1696 St Stephens Green

Mary d. ?

Jonathan Taylor of Dublin, widower, m.(2) Elizabeth Scott, widow of a tallow chandler John Inglefield (b. ca. 1650 Storton, Cheshire, son of Peter and Anne), Nov. 16, 1694 Dublin (book 3, p 67)

3.  Joseph Taylor (tallow chandler) m. Bridget Walker (John) of Lurgan, co. Armagh Feb. 18, 1718 Lurgan

3.1  Jonathan Taylor b. July 19, 1720 Dublin d. July 27, bur. July 28, 1720 Dublin

3.2  John Taylor b. 1722 d. Dec. 18, bur. Dec. 19, 1722 Dublin

3.3  Elizabeth Taylor b. ?, d. Apr. 18, bur. Apr. 19, 1727 Dublin

3.4  Sarah Taylor b. 1727 d. Nov. 9, bur. Nov. 10, 1727 Dublin

3.5  Joseph Taylor b. Aug. 4, 1728 Dublin d. Nov. 30, 1748 Ballitore

3.6  Edward Taylor b. Nov. 21, 1730 Ballitore

3.7  William Taylor b. May 25, 1732 Ballitore d. Sept. 24, 1732 Ballitore

3.8  Mary Taylor b. Feb. 8, 1740 Ballitore

m. Joshua Haughton (John of Castle Reban) 26th day 3rd mos (March) 1767 Ballitore

(note: the Quaker date numbering system was standardized after 1751 so in this case the 3rd month was March; before 1751 the 3rd month would have meant May)

(note: one of the witnesses to the marriage was an Andrew Boles which is strange; the only Andrew Boles who was a Quaker was the great-grandson of John Boles of Woodhouse and the grandson of George Boles of Dublin who had died in 1755; we don't know much about him but he would have been 15 years old in 1767 so possibly he was going to the Shackleton school in Ballitore)

3.9  Elizabeth Taylor b. May 14, 1743 Ballitore d. Nov. 15, 1743 Ballitore

Joseph d. Dec. 20 & bur. Dec. 22, 1764 Ballitore
Bridget d. Apr. 12, 1769 Ballickmiler (Ballickmoyler), Queens co, bur. Apr. 15, 1769 Ballitore

Elizabeth d. Oct. 15, bur. Oct. 16, 1699 (age 42) Dublin

Jonathan Taylor m.(3) Lydia Stevens Aug. 11, 1702 Dublin

Jonathan d. June 13, bur. June 15, 1713 Dublin

Lydia d. May 9, bur. May 11, 1730 Dublin


The relevant connection there is that Joseph Taylor’s mother was Elizabeth, the widow of John Inglefield, a tallow chandler of Dublin.  I knew that Edward Cooper of co. Carlow had married an Anne Inglefield (her father was John Inglefield, a tallow chandler, deceased) on Oct. 26, 1697 in Dublin


Looking then at the Inglefield family tree, again pieced together from the excellent Quaker records we can see the Edward Cooper/Joseph Taylor connection.


Peter Inglefield m. Anne

1.  John Inglefield b. ca. 1650 Storton, Cheshire (a tallow chandler in Dublin)

m. Elizabeth Scott (b. 1657 Sunderland, Cumberland; Thomas, Margaret) 1678 Dublin

1.1 Anne Inglefield b. 1679 Dublin

m. Edward Cooper 1697 Dublin

John d. 1693 Dublin

Elizabeth m.(2) Jonathan Taylor (b. ca. 1656, widower, a tallow chandler in Dublin) 1694 Dublin

1.2 Joseph Taylor b. Sept 1696 Dublin

m. Bridget Walker 1718 Lurgan, co. Armagh

Joseph d. 1764 Ballitore

Bridget d. 1769 Ballickmoyler

Elizabeth d. 1699 Dublin

Jonathan d. 1713 Dublin



In 1718 Edward Cooper helped Joseph Taylor pay off a mortgage in Dublin in (memorial 36/344/22788), the same year that Joseph Taylor married a Bridget Walker.  Joseph Taylor was a witness at Cooper's daughter Sarah's marriage in Carlow in 1719 and Bridget Taylor was a witness at Cooper's daughter Ann's marriage there in 1733.  Joseph and Bridget moved to Ballitore, co. Carlow by 1730 where Joseph died in 1764.  Bridget then moved to Ballickmoyler where she died in 1769 and was buried with Joseph in Ballitore.


The question now would be whether there was any connection between Joseph Taylor of Dublin and Adam Taylor of Ballickmoyler.  Did his widow move to Ballickmoyler after his death just to be closer to the support of her brother-in-law or did she have Taylor family there as well?



James Taylor of Dublin


James Taylor was born about 1635 to James and Miriam Taylor of Maske, Cleveland, Yorkshire.  The parish records for Marske have survived but do not show any entries for a James Taylor family.  They are for the established church only and would not include any nonconformist events.  References for these early days of the nonconformist movement are sketchy but they include several earlier references (1630’s) for a Mr Taylor who was persecuted for his nonconformist beliefs.  After the establishment of the first Congregationist church in Yorkshire in 1653 the records are more complete and include a Congregationalist Minister, Rev. James Taylor who was born about 1670.  Quaker records show that James Taylor came to Ireland in 1654 which was before the establishment of the Quaker nonconformist movement in either Yorkshire or Ireland but he seems to have been quick to join it.  The Friends Annual Meeting Sufferings record that in the county of Wexford in 1662 James Taylor was taken and imprisoned at Wexford for about 3 months for not going to the public worship.


The first Quaker meeting was held near Enniscorthy in 1657 and was moved to the home of Robert Cuppage in Lambstown in 1666 where James’ daughter Hannah was born in 1671.  


In 1670 James Taylor, Robert Cuppage, Nathaniel Ruby, Francis Randall and several other Friends were attending a worship meeting in Ruby’s house in Wexford when “William Russell sub-sheriff together with constables churchwardens and the rude multitude violently haled out of their peaceable meeting and brought before John Bond, mayor, Richard Clifton, Governor, Francis Harvey, Thomas hart and Edward Withers, justices, who committed the aforesaid persons to the county goal till delivered by due course of law where they continued seventeen weeks and two days and then released by an order from the King’s Lt Gen and Council.” (Yearly Meeting Sufferings 1665-1693)



James Taylor b. ca. 1635 Maske, Yorkshire m. Miriam (Mary)

m.(1) Elinor (Ellen) Fawcett (Thomas and Elizabeth) (book 3, p3)

1.  Elizabeth Taylor (p53) b. Mar. 10, 1661 Ballycarney, co. Wexford

m. Joseph Inman Aug. 13, 1685 Dublin

Elizabeth d. 1730 Dublin

2.  Miriam Taylor b. June 13, 1664 Ballycarney

3.  Mary Taylor b. Sept. 26, 1666 Ballycarney m. Walter Mason May 3, 1688 Castledermot

4.  Sarah Taylor b. & d. June 1669 Ballycarney

Ellen d. Sept. 1669 Ballycarney

James m.(2) Elizabeth Valentine (Robert and Elizabeth of London) Dec. 21, 1670 at Edward Godwins, Ballinabarney, co Wexford (book 3, p 125)

5. Hannah Taylor b. Sept. 20, 1672 Lambstown, co. Wexford (book 3 p125)

    m. Francis Peasley of co. Wicklow June 1, 1692 Newgarden, co. Carlow

6. James Taylor b. Apr. 25, 1674 Ballycarney d. May 14, 1675 Ballycarney

7. Samuel Taylor b. Mar. 9, 1676 Ballycarney, co. Wexford (p119)

m.(1) Bridget Walker (Thomas, Sarah) Nov. 23, 1698 Lurgan, Clanbrazill (3 p119)
Bridget d. Sept. 29, bur. Oct. 1, 1699 Dublin
m.(2) Hannah Hillary Aug. 25, 1702 Wexford, co. Wexford

Hannah d. 1705 bur. Oct. 17, 1705 Dublin

8.  Sarah Taylor b. Feb. 9, 1678/79 Ballycarney

m. Joseph Chandlee at Newgarden, co. Carlow

9. Rachel Taylor June 27, 1680 Dublin

10. Miriam Taylor b. Sept. 1, 1681 Dublin

11. Rachel Taylor b. Feb. 20, 1684 Dublin

James living in 1686 (attended Half Yearly Meeting in Dublin representing Leinster) d. by Dec. 1690

Elizabeth m. (out of the faith) (likely common law as she ‘pretended’ to be married to him) Bryan Riley of Annagh, co. Cavan 1690

Elizabeth testified against herself to the Dublin Meeting in Feb. 1692 (16th 12 mos. 1691)

Elizabeth living and still a Friend in 1693 (filed a complaint with the Dublin Meeting involving James’ Trustees)

John Taylor of Wexford

In 1700 John Taylor of Ballinacur, co. Wexford swore a testimony against himself that “I was lead by a contrary spirit, which leads from the Lord, and being too much addicted to drinking and Company keeping was overtaken with Brandy and Strong Drink and then submitted to fighting and quarling and taking such Liberty both in spoken and other behaviour unbecoming …”

But on July 29, 1703 the Mens meeting at Cooladine found that he had returned to his former ways and he was disowned by the Society of Friends.


Taylors of Kings county

This line would be a huge research project on their own which I have just touched on so far.

Nathaniel Taylor of Edenderry, Kings co., Gent. m. Mary Withers of Dublin, widow July 5, 1686 (not a Quaker marr.)

Robert Taylor m. Mary (lived Garryhinch, Kings co.)

1.   John Taylor

m. Susanna Radford (Moses and Rebecca of Edenderry, Kings co.) Feb. 24, 1713/14  (24 12th mos 1713) Edenderry Meeting (held at Newtown near Rathangan)

John d. ?

Susanna m.(2) William Rudock of Clonmacombe, co. Carlow (John, Frances) Sept. 13, 1738 Edenderry


William Taylor, son of Jonathan Taylor at Edenderry in 1743 (Edenderry Monthly Meeting 13 2 (Apr.) 1743)
William Taylor m. Elizabeth (Edenderry meeting)
1.  Lidia Taylor m. Samuel Calvert (a former Friend who was denied by the Moat Meeting) bef. Feb. 21,1738/39 (married by a Priest)
A William Taylor of Kilmoney, co. Kildare was raised a Quaker but left and became a member of the Church of England on religious principles.  However, the Edenderry Meeting made note of his departure in 1740 with the comment that they believed he was driven more "upon the act of a wife" than by his principles. (Mens Monthly Meeting at Edenderry on the 20th of the 11th mos (Jan.) 1741/42)
Samuel Taylor the son of William Taylor near Edenderry m. Hannah Rigge (Thomas, Sarah) 23 10 (Dec.) 1750 Clonmel (Edenderry Mens Monthly Meeting 12 10 (Dec.) 1750 and Tipperary Marriage Register)
William Taylor from Edenderry m. Susanna Banfield (William and Ruth of Clonmel) 23 4 (June) 1752 Clonmel
1.  Joseph Taylor b. 2 5 (July) 1753 Clonmel
2.  John Taylor b. 15 7 (Sept.) 1753 Clonmel d. 20 7 (Sept.) 1754 Clonmel
3.  William Taylor b. 14 9 (Nov.) 1755 Clonmel
4.  Peter Taylor b. 21 9 (Nov.) 1757 Clonmel
m.(1) Jane Newbold Clonmel
m.(2) Deborah Boardman 6 mos (Aug.) 1799 Dublin
5.  Ruth Taylor b. 6 11 (Jan.) 1758/59 Clonmel
6.  William Taylor b. 26 7 (Sept.) 1760 Clonmel m. Jane Walpole
William d. 11 8 (Oct.) 1790 Clonmel
Susanna d. 19 12 (Feb.) 1796 Clonmel
John Taylor m. Mary (lived Tullamore, King's county)
1.  William Taylor b. Oct. 1746 Tullamore (Mountmellick Meeting, Queens county), King's county
m. Hannah Cape (Jonathan, Martha of Cloughjordan) 'about 1770' (married by a Priest)
1.1  Rebecca Taylor b. Sept. 5, 1771
1.2  Jonathan Taylor b. Dec.5, 1772
1.3  William Taylor b. Jan. 27, 1774
1.4  George Taylor b. June 13, 1775
1.5  Robert Taylor b. July 21, 1776
1.6  Elizabeth Taylor b. July 31, 1778
1.7  John Taylor b. June 17, 1780
2.  Rebecca Taylor b. Nov. 1748 Tullamore (Mountmellick Meeting, Queens county), King's county
m. John Cape (Jonathan, Martha of Cloughjordan) (married by a Priest)
George Taylor of Edenderry m. Dorothy (deceased)
1.  Joseph Taylor m. Rebecca Lingwood (George and Mary Lingwood of Dublin, deceased) Sept. 3, 1786
1.1  George Taylor b. June 10, 1787 Edenderry
1.2  John Taylor b. Jan. 10, 1789 Edenderry
1.3  Mary Taylor b. Dec. 16, 1790 Edenderry and d. about Nov. 1793
1.4  Joseph Taylor b. Jan. 24, 1793 Edenderry
1.5  Susanna Taylor b. Dec. 25, 1794 Edenderry
1.6  Rebecca Taylor b. Nov. 24, 1797 Edenderry
Joseph d. Nov. 18, 1805 bur. Mountrath
2. George Taylor Jr.
(a George Taylor of Edenderry moved to Mountmellick in 1788 (Friends Migration Record dated 17th 4 mos (June) 1788)
3. John Taylor (John and George Jr signed as witnesses at Joseph Taylor's marriage in 1786)

Although Quaker Taylors, Less Likely to be Connected

Robert Taylor of the Antrim Meeting m. Elizabeth Neile of Toberhead Meeting 23th day of the 6th mon (August) 1698  at Widow Henderson's house in Lurgan


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