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Others in Wellington county

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Other Bowles in Wellington not identified yet
Nichol twp.
Thomas Boles lived Nichol twp.
Ann Jane Boles b. ~1837 Fermanagh, Ireland (Thomas, Elizabeth McQueen) of Nichol twp.
m. George Prossich (b. 1844 Aberdeen, Scotland; Dawes, I. Grassich (?)) Dec. 20, 1866 Wellington co.
Minto twp.
Hugh, George and Robert Bole lived in Minto twp.
Margaret Bole b. ~1850 Canada (George, Elisa) of Minto twp.
m. William Thomson (b. 1840 Ireland) July 3, 1867 Wellington co. wit: Hugh Bole of Minto
Sarah Bole b. ~1849 Canada (Robert b. 1815, Catherine) of Minto twp.
m. George Thornton (b. 1845 Canada; John, Mary) of Mount Forest Feb. 20, 1867
Puslinch twp.
Richard Bowles m. Sophia
1.  Lavina Bowles (Lavinia?) b. Feb. 7, 1874 Puslinch, Wellington ref. # 023535/74
Unknown twp.
William Albert Bowles b. March 26, 1886 Wellington co. (Elijah, Isabella Hammill)


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