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Other Bowles of Deal and Area

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We also have to place these into the Bowles of Deal family tree:

In Deal

One early reference which doesn't seem to help:
Avis (?) Bowle bur. May 28, 1593 St Leonards Deal
Does anyone have a better idea what that given name could be?
The Bowles are closely associated with Deal but they first settled in Ringwould in the 1500's and then a branch settled in Walmer.  Valentine Bowles of Ringwould settled in Deal in about 1659 but the first of the family to settle in Deal was this Thomas:
Thomas Boule m. Judith Cook Oct. 1631 St Leonards Deal
1.  Elizabeth Bowle bur. Jan. 29, 1631/32 St Leonards Deal
2.  John Boule bp. Jan. 20, 1632/33 and bur. Jan. 24, 1632/33 St Leonards Deal
3.  Elizabeth Boule bp. Dec. 22, 1633 St Leonards Deal
4.  Thomas Bowle bur. Feb. 6, 1635/36 St Leonards Deal
5.  Thomas Boule bp. Feb. 24, 1636/37 and bur. April 21, 1637 both St Leonards Deal
6.  William Bowle bp. Feb. 9, 1639/40 St Leonards Deal
7.  Sarah Bowle bp. Mar. 30, 1645 St Leonards Deal
8.  John Bowle bp. July 8, 1649 St Leonards Deal
9.  Mary Bowle b. ? bur. Oct. 16, 1665 St Leonards Deal
Thomas Bowle d. ?
Judith Bowle, widow bur. Dec. 11, 1663 St Leonards Deal
This William would be in the same generation as the above Thomas:
William Boule m. Margaret
1.  Hanna Bowle bp. Jan. 7, 1637/38 St Leonards Deal
Margaret wife of Will. Boule bur. Oct. 29, 1646 St Leonards Deal
William Boule bur. Dec. 1, 1646 St Leonards Deal
These would be a second generation in Deal:
Thomas Bowlls m. Anne Bowlls May 21, 1666 St Leonards Deal
1.  William Bowlls bp. Apr. 14, 1666 bur. June 5, 1667 both St Leonards Deal
2.  Aaron Bowlls bp. Oct. 11, 1668 St Leonards Deal
3.  Amy Bowlls bp. June 12, 1670 St Leonards Deal
4.  Moses Bowles bp. Dec. 31, 1671 St Leonards Deal
m. Jane
4.1  Thomas Bowles bp. Nov. 29, 1696 St Leonards Deal
5.  Henry Bowlls bp. Aug. 18, 1673 St Leonards Deal
(a mariner of Deal)
Henry d. 1691 at sea (Will dated Nov. 26, 1689; proven July 20, 1691)
6.  Sampson Bowlls bp. Aug. 22, 1675 and bur. Oct. 11, 1683 both St Leonards Deal
7.  Charles Bowlls bp. Dec. 30, 1677 St Leonards Deal
8.  William Bowlls bur. June 11, 1683 St Leonards Deal
Thomas living in 1691
Anne Bowles wife of Thomas Bowles bur. Aug. 28, 1695 St Leonards Deal
Note: the unusual given name Sampson appears in this baptismal record from 1675 although his death was also recorded 8 years later. The surviving parish records for this region are not comprehensive.  The name must have appeared again in the family shortly after that as another Sampson Bowles, Sailor of Deal married a Phebe Mason on Jan. 19, 1701/02 in St Leonards Deal and they baptized a son Sampson Bowles on Nov. 1, 1702 also in St Leonards Deal and a second son, Aaron, shortly after.  This may indicate a relationship between the Bowles and the Samson family of Kent.  Perhaps going back to the 1500's with Agnes Bowle m. Nicolas Somsonn Feb. 16, 1562/63 Saltwood, Saints Peter and Paul.
Sampson Bowles, Sailor of Deal m. Phebe Mason Jan. 19, 1701/02 St Leonards Deal
1.  Sampson Bowles bp. Nov. 1, 1702 St Leonards Deal
2.  Aaron Bowles bp. Dec. 27, 1704 St Leonards Deal
Margaret Bowlls wife of William Bowlls bur. Apr. 20, 1680 St Leonards Deal
William Bowlls m. Anne
1.  Mary Bowlls bp. Apr. 30, 1682 and bur. Oct. 16, 1687 both St Leonards Deal
2.  John Bowlls bp. July 1, 1683 St Leonards Deal
Anne wife of William Bowles bur. Sept. 28, 1687 St Leonards Deal
William Bowles m. Mary
1.  Mary Bowles bp. Apr. 14, 1689 St Leonards Deal
2.  William Bowles bp. Oct. 12, 1690 St Leonards Deal
3.  Thomazin Bowles bp. Feb. 21, 1696/97 St Leonards Deal
Jane Bowles d. of William Bowles of Deal bur. Aug. 11, 1726 St Mary Walmer

In Ringwould and Walmer

Meanwhile back in Ringwould and Walmer the Bowles lines continued:
Note that the the Bowles of Ringwould were recorded in the Ringwould register as Bowle or Bowles from 1575 to 1622, from 1625 to 1687 as Bold, Bolde or Bolds except as Bowles once in 1683 (in an entry which is in a very different script) before returning to Bowles from 1686 until modern times.  Nevertheless they are all clearly the same family.
John Bold m. Anne
1.  Dinah Bold bp. Feb. 25, 1651/52 Ringwould
2.  Richard Bowld bp. Mar. 15, 1652/53 Walmer
3.  John Bold bur. Jan. 22, 1678/79 Ringwould
Anthony Bold m. Anne
1.  William Bold bp. Mar. 30, 1662/63 Ringwould
2.  Elizabeth Bold bp. Jan. 10, 1663/64 Ringwould
3.  Mary Bold bp. Nov. 14, 1665 and bur. Dec. 28, 1667 both Ringwould
4.  Anne Bold b. ? and bur. Oct. 7, 1671 Ringwould
5.  Robert Bold bp. March 4, 1666/67 Ringwould
6.  John Bold bp. Nov. 12, 1671 Ringwould
Thomasin Bowld d. of Anne Bowld  bur. Oct. 29, 1683 St Mary Walmer
An Anne Bowles bur. Dec. 4, 1721 St Nicholas Ringwould (could be either of the above two wives)
Richard Bolds m. Elizabeth Pettitt Sept. 20, 1653 St Nicholas Ringwould
1.  Elizabeth Bold bp. Jan. 13, 1655 & bur. Apr. 8, 1656 both St Nicholas Ringwould
2.  Thomasin Bold bp. Aug. 30, 1657 St Nicholas Ringwould
3.  Elizabeth Bold bp. Oct. 4, 1663 St Nicholas Ringwould
4.  John Bold bp. Jan. 5, 1667/68 and bur. Jan. 24, 1678/79 both St Nicholas Ringwould
Elizabeth Bold bur. Feb. 11, 1686/87 St Nicholas Ringwould (possibly this one)
Richard Bold househouseholder bur. Mar. 10, 1692/93  St Nicholas Ringwould
William Bowld m. Sarah E..ridge 1685 Ringwould
1.  John Bowld bp. Oct. 18, 1691 St Mary Walmer
2.  William Bowlds bp. Nov. 25, 1694 St Mary Walmer
William Bowld bur. Jan. 13, 1697/98 St Mary Walmer
3.  Sarah Bowles bp. Feb. 13, 1697/98 St Mary Walmer (1 month after her father's death)
Sarah Bowles bur. Mar. 13, 1708 Ringwould (possibly this one)
Thomas Bowles of Deal m. Ann Hollands Dec. 29, 1696 St Mary Walmer
John Bowle of Walmer m. Mary Allen Feb. 11, 1696/97 St Martin Great Mongeham
John Bowles m. Elizabeth (possibly the above marriage; Elizabeth Allen may have used the common baptismal name Mary when they were married; see the name of their 3rd child)
1.  William Bowles bp. Feb. 27, 1697/98 St Mary Walmer
2.  John Bowles bp. Apr. 14, 1700 St Mary Walmer
3.  Allen Bowles bp. June 9, 1706 St Mary Walmer
4.  Anthony Bowles bp. Dec. 25, 1709 St Mary Walmer
5.  Ann Bowles bp. Nov. 23, 1712 and bur. (as Bowlde) Apr. 7, 1714 both St Mary Walmer
6.  Elizabeth Bowles bp. Aug. 9, 1715 St Mary Walmer
John Bowld son in law to John Wellard bur. May 29, 1702 St Mary Walmer
Plus all these single references that I can't easily fit into one of the above family groups:
William Bowles of Great Mongeham m. Susanna Brett, widow Sept. 23, 1727 Great Mongeham
Jane Bowles d. of William and Rebeckah Bowles bur. July 1, 1734 St Mary Walmer
Elizabeth Boule m. Simon Maytom Aug. 25, 1656 St Leonards Deal
Mary Bowles m. Thomas Robinson Jan. 15, 1683/84 St Leonards Deal
Mary Bowls m. Maurice Cock Aug. 4, 1685 St Leonards Deal
Samuel Bowles late of ye Lyon bur. Mar. 16, 1696/97 St Leonards Deal
Mary Bowles bur. Feb. 8, 1721/22  Ringwould
William Bowls bur. Nov. 28, 1755 Ringwould 
Mary Bowld m. John Smith Jan. 23, 1693/94 St Mary Walmer
Sarah Bowld m. John Wanstal Jan. 25, 1701/02 St Mary Walmer
Anne Bowld m. Francis Marsh Nov. 30, 1703 St Mary Walmer
Finnis (Phineas) Bowles of the parish of Walmer m. Susanna Preston Oct. 14, 1760 St Nicholas Ringwould

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