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The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and Great Britain

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Notable Members of this Family
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This Irish immigrant family has thrived and achieved great prestige in Canada.  Notable members of this family include:
The Hon. Lester Bowles Pearson, former Prime Minister of Canada (1897-1972) and Nobel Peace Prize winner (1957)
He was the son of Annie Bowles and the Rev’d. Edwin Arthur Pearson
The Nobel Peace Prize 1957: Lester Bowles Pearson
Collections Canada: Canada's Prime Ministers : Lester Bowles Pearson
The Hon. Richard S. Bowles, former Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba (1912-1988)
Newton Rowell Bowles, Order of Canada, Senior Policy Advisor for UNICEF  (1916-2012)
CBC Interview
Canadians in the World article (Dept. of Foreign Affairs)
Charles Bowles’ Three Sons
John Bowles (1828-1912)
Obituary from The Observator
Thomas Bowles (1830-1913)
Obituary from Collingwood Bulletin
George Bowles (1832-1912)
Treasurer of Chinguacousy twp., local preacher and superintendent of Caesar’s Church
Dr. Manley Bowles (1875-1947)
Obituary from Winnipeg Free Press
Dr. George H. Bowles (1863-1940)
Wedding Announcement
Rev. and Professor Richard Pinch Bowles (1864- 1960)
Bio in The Canadian Who's Who issue of 1936-37
Bio in Canadian Men and Women of our Time (1912 – Morgan)
Rev. R. P. Bowles' own family history:  "The Tipperary Bowles"
Rev. Newton Ernest Bowles (1877-1970) Missionary in China for 20 years where he raised his family and then Pastor of St Paul's United Church in Brampton for 20 years; father of Newton Rowell Bowles above.
Bio in Canadian Men and Women of our Time (1912, Morgan)
ObitRev Newton Bowles Obit
See Rev. Newton Bowles on the Victoria Missionaries Exhibition (University of Toronto)
Albert Edwin Bowles, KC (1873- ?)
Bio in The Canadian Who’s Who issues of 1936-37 and 1948
Sheldon Bowles (living)

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