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The de Boeles in the Monasticon Anglicanum

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See also The de Boeles, The de Boelles of Bedfordshire, Roger de Busli of Tickhill, Yorkshire

The Monasticon Anglicanum can be found online here and here

The Monasticon Anglicanum is a documentation of the abbies and other monasteries in England and Wales during the early Norman period which contains a wealth of information about their Norman founders, their families and their origins.  It was published in 1655 by Sir William Dugdale, a herald in the College of Arms who as the Norroy King of Arms made many heralds visitations of the counties north of the Trent and became Garter Principle King of Arms in 1677.  It is in Latin but many parts of it have been studied and extracts and partial translations can be found online. 


From an Appendix to the MA published in 1661






8:39 Nicholas Busey

34:28 William Builli

105:55 William Buyssy  105:56 Jordan Buyssy Roger Buyssy


236:6  Osbert de Boel

Osbert de Boel signed as a witness on one of the founding charters of the Bourn Abbey in Lincolnshire founded by Baldwin son of Gislebert in 1138



241:65  Nicholas Boels

242:17  Henry Boels

The Priory of Newenham in Bedfordshire

I am very appreciative of Henry Phythian-Adams for summarizing this reference for me.

The priory of Newenham near Bedford was founded by Simon de Beauchamp during the reign of Henry II.  A charter dated 15 Richard II (1392) from Lord Thomas de Mowbray to the Priory of Newenham, Bedfordshire refers so an earlier charter from the time of Henry III (possibly about 1250) regarding land at Hokeseth, Stacheden (Stagsden, Bedfordshire) and Dilewyke  and refers to tenants there at that time.  None of which were named de Boeles.  However, the 1392 charter does refer to a current agreement that Mowbray has with Henry de Boeles and a little later in the document refers to Henry’s land as being held under an earlier charter to a Nicholas de Boeles, son of Simon de Boeles.  Henry Boeles was also a witness to the document.

There is also this summary published in 1692 in an English translation of MA:

More information about the grants to Newenham Priory by members of the de Boeles of Bedfordshire are found in the Charter of Thomas, Lord Mowbray, in 1392 which confirmed the grants of the donors.

Thomas, Earl Marshall and Nottingham, Lord Mowbray & Segrave, 1st patron of Newenham next Bedford; to all the faithful in Christ to whom the present letters shall come, greeting. We have inspected the charter of our ancestor Lord William Beauchamp, once patron of the said priory, done into these words.  To all the sons of the church of St. Mary, present & future, William de Beauchamp, greetings………..and of all my predecessors and successors, I have given, granted and by this my present charter have confirmed, to God and the church of St. Paul of Newenham, and my canons regular serving the same God and to their successors, the church of St. Paul of Bedford, with all its prebends and possessions and liberties to the same church pertaining, in pure and perpetual alms free from all secular service ……  These are the possessions  .. the church of Kerdington, the church of Wyliton, the church of South Gyvele, the church of Hatteleia, the church of Wolton, the church of Stacheden, the church of Aspeleya, the church of Goldyngton, the church of Ravenestone, the church of Ranhale, the church of Bereford, the church or Turveya with all tenths etc.

Item, I have granted to them whatsoever they have of my fee in the village & parish of Cogepol, out of the gift of Robert Lismorensis, bishop, and William the chaplain, and out of the gift of Simon the Englishman and Henry son Henry le Heyr, and whatsoever they have out of the gift of others holding from my fee in that village and parish, quietly and freely and from all secular service. Item, I have granted to them all lands, tenements and possessions, with all their appurtenances, which they have of my fee in the village and parish of South Givele, and whatsoever they have from the gift of all holding from my fee in the same village and parish, quietly and freely from all secular service. Item, all the grants, lands, tenements and possessions, with all their appurtenances, which they have of my fee in the village and parish of Stacheden (Stacheden is Stagsden in Bedfordshire) and Dilewyke (Dilwick), in pure and perpetual alms, viz whatever they have out of the gift of Robert de Broye and of Anselm, his heir, and out of the gift of Ada ,son of Dru,  and of Nicholas  and William Golston, and of Robert, son of Nicholas de Stacheden, and of Nicholas de Boeles, and of Thomas, son of Hugh, and of Richard, his heir, and out of the gift of Thomas de Stacheden, and of Henry Blundus, and Mathew his son, and of Pagan Campion, and Stephen his son, and of Richard, the son of Robert de Brunnia, and of Stephen le Bel, and out of the gift of John Pincerna and of Robert Marshall, and of Harlewin, in Dilewyk: and the wood which Robert the clerk sold to them, which is called le Hoo; and the wood which is called Esthey with the whole land lying under it; and the wood which is called le Frith, with all its appurtenances and liberties, with its fences and ditches and with all other appurtenances, both in ways and in footpaths, with free right of entry and exit with horses and their carts, whether for assarting (bringing land into cultivation) or growing, as often as and whenever they wish.

And be it known that I have a valid & acceptable exchange that Henry de Boeles made with the said canons, over all his land in the territory of Stacheden of my fee; and the whole tenement which was of Richard Parent, son of Avenel, with the dwelling and croft, with all his (its?) appurtenances next to the church of Stacheden.  ……  and out of the gift of Hugh Cementarius and Nicholas de Boeles, son of Simon de Boeles; and out of the gift of Geoffrey son of Ralph de Ronhale and ……

Besides, I have remitted and quitclaimed, from me and my heirs to the said canons and their successors, the whole right and claim which I have  … in the wards, reliefs, scutages, homage etc….. & suits of my  court and of my heirs forever, of all lands, tenements and possessions  .. of my fee in the villages and parishes abovewritten  .. and I have confirmed the present charter with the protection of my seal, these being witnesses, Ralph Morin, Geoffrey Rufus, John de Pabenham, John Malerbe, Henry Boeles, Ada son of Dru, Roger Percesvil, Master Robert the Doctor, Milo de Beauchamp, William de Estwyck et al.  … Given at London, the day of March next after the feast of the Conception of the Blessed Mary, in the 15th year of the reign of King Richard II after the conquest (1392)

535:25 Roger Buislei

547:63 Roger Buislei 547:66 Roger Bulles

646:42 Galfrid Bussy

794:52 Henry Boels

811:21 William Bolle



The Abbey of Roche, Yorkshire

This abbey was co-founded in 1147 by Richard be Builli, the nephew of Sir Roger de Busli of Tickhill, Yorkshire.  See The Abbey of Roche

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