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John D. Bowles of New Orleans

John was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire but was in New Orleans by 1841 when he is mentioned in the Times Picayune (Mar. 13, 1841) as Officer Bowles, a member of the 2nd Municipality Police.  The 1842 city directory lists him as a Sergeant of the Night Watch ref. and he was re-elected to that position at a meeting of the 2nd Municipality Council in 1845. ref.  He married Ann Dunbar of Baton Rouge on Jan. 15, 1845 ref.   In 1851 he lived on Calliope Street between Apollo and Bacchus.  ref.
The couple moved on to Panama in 1856 where John managed a hotel and where they had two daughters.  By 1870 they had moved on to Sacramento, CA where he again was a Hotel Keeper according to the 1870 Census. ref.  In 1872 John is listed in the Sacramento City Directory as an insurance agent and in the 1873 to 1876 directories as a night watchman at Pioneer Mills. ref. 
John died in 1884. 

John D. Bowles Family Tree

Thomas S. Bowles m. Abiah Emery Bradley ref.
1.  John D. Bowles b. ~ 1816 New Hampshire
(lived in New Orleans from about 1841 to 1856)
m. Ann Dunbar (b. ~ 1827 LA; John, Nancy Callihan) Jan. 15, 1845 New Orleans
1.1  Anna Abiah Bowles b. Dec. 9, 1856 Panama 
m.(1)  George M. Crocker Jan. 13, 1871 Sacramento
1.1.1  Sonora Crocker b. Oct. 8, 1871 Sacramento m. Mr. Weldon
1.1.2  George M. Crocker b. Feb. 4, 1876 Sacramento
George d. June 22, 1875
m.(2)  Peter Turner May 5, 1877 Sacramento
1.1.3  Eva Turner b. June 15, 1881 Sacramento m. Mr. Raffaeto
1.1.4  Lily Turner b. Nov. 27, 1887 Sacramento m. Mr. Hough
Anna d. Mar. 6, 1925 ref.
1.2  Sonora (Nora) Bowles b. Apr. 11, 1857 Panama m. Mr. Brown
John d. Nov. 22, 1884 Sacramento, Calif. ref.
2. to 6.  (other children as listed on One World Tree: Moses E. Bowles, Thomas Bowles, Hiram A. Bowles, Benjamin F. Bowles, Stephen B. Bowles)
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