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James Bowles of Amherst's Family Tree

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James Bowles b. ca. 1755 possibly Charleston, South Carolina; he served with the British Army in the Black Pioneers, an all Black regiment, and was evacuated from New York to Nova Scotia on a British naval ship after the war was lost in 1783; he settled in a community of fellow Black Loyalists in Amherst and raised a family.  He probably died before 1814.

His son, Cornelius Bowles, applied for and received a grant of 300 acres of land under a program for the settlement of those who had served for the British in the American Revolutionary War where he raised a family. 

1.  Cynthia Bowles (eldest daughter of Cornelius Bowles)
m. Edward Morse (eldest son of Joseph Morse) May 15, 1838 Amherst  (ref: The Christian Messenger May 11, 1838)
2.  Stephen Bowles b. ~ 1826 N.S.
m. Charlotte (b. ~ 1836 N.S.)
2.1  John Bowles b. ~ 1856 N.S.
m. Lilla Jones (b. July 14, 1859 N.S.) ~ 1882 N.S.
2.1.1  Charlotte Manell (Maude) Bowles b. June 3, 1883 Amherst, Cumberland co., N.S.
2.1.2  Garnett Wolsley Bowles b. Feb. 24, 1885 Amherst, N.S.
2.1.3  Ida Jane Bowles b. Dec. 29, 1886 Amherst, N.S.
2.1.4  James Henry Bowles b. Apr. 27, 1888 (or Dec. 26, 1888) Amherst, N.S.
m. Lillian Gay  Mervyn Gesner Bowles b. Aug. 24, 1943 Amherst, N.S.
m. Beulah Sparks  Richard Bowles of Bowmanville  Randy Christopher Bowles of Hamilton  Jeffrey Marvyn Bowles of Toronto
m. Monica  Barry Anthony Bowles of Brampton  Michael Collin Bowles of Toronto
m. Donnette  Kimberly Marsella Bowles of Toronto  Crystal Gail Bowles of Toronto  Leslie Bowles-Gaudet of Toronto (step-daughter)
Mervyn d. Aug. 12, 2009 Toronto obituary  Wayde Douglas Bowles b. Aug. 24, 1944 Amherst, N.S. (he changed his name and wrestled as Rocky Johnson) of Davie, Florida
m. Ata Maivia ("High Chief" Peter Maivia, head of a Samoan wrestling family)  Dwayne Douglas Johnson b. May 2, 1972 Hayward, California (he wrestles/acts as The Rock)  Lewis (Buster) Ishmael Bowles (deceased before 2009)  Robert Ishmael Bowles of Atlanta, Georgia  James (Ricky Johnson) Bowles Jr. of Toronto
2.1.5  Elizabeth Estella Bowles b. Feb. 2, 1890 Amherst, N.S.
2.1.6  Harry G. Bowles b. Sept. 8, 1892 Amherst, N.S.
2.1.7  Morley Bowles b. Mar. 11, 1895 Amherst, N.S.
 Moved to Cleveland, Ohio d. 1983
2.1.8  Russell C. Bowles b. May 9, 1897 N.S.
Moved to Cleveland, Ohio d. 1970  Russell Bowles  Garnett Bowles
2.1.9  Alexander Bowles b. Jan. 8, 1900 N.S.
1901 Census
2.2  Orin (or Aaurin) Bowles b. ~ 1866 N.S.
2.3  Rufus Bowles b. ~ 1867 N.S.
2.4  Frederick Bowles b. ~ 1870 N.S.
2.5  Florence Bowles b. ~ 1872 N.S.
1881 Census
Also in Amherst:
James Bowles b. May 12, 1876 N. S.
1901 Census
Also, a Mrs. James Bowles (Irene) died at age 76 at Tidnish near Amherst in 1967.  obituary
The 1881 Census lists this household in Amherst
1881 Census Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia  (22 A-1) p. 82 house 374  reel # C-13176
Ionis Bowles                     Fem.    African    42    NS                         Baptist
Joana                               Fem.    African    24    NS                         Baptist
Agnes                              Fem.    African    21     NS                         Baptist
Geogun (?)                       Fem.    African     8      NS                         Baptist
Mable                              Fem.    African     3      NS                         Baptist
Lalia B.                            Fem.    African     2      NS                         Baptist
John C. Martin                   Male    African     22     NS      shoemaker   Ch. of Eng.
Elsewhere in Cumberland county:
River Hebert, Cumberland co.
? Bowles m. Mary (b. Nov. 3, 1817 N.S.)
          1.  Sarah b. Feb. 20, 1832 N.S.
                   m. Joseph Miligan or Michilgan (Milligan?) (b. Mar. 15, 1834 N.S.)
          2.  Abraham b. Sept. 1, 1836 N.S.
1901 Census
1901 Census
Possibly another child of the above (Albert lived with Sarah and Joseph Miligan in 1881)
Albert Bowles b. Mar. 9, 1847 N.S.
m. ?
1.  Harold H. b. Feb. 10, 1889 N.S.
m. Eula Mae Stoutley (b. ~ 1894 Truro, N.S.; Edward, Mrs. Stoutley)
1.1  Blanche m. Robert Clyke (lived Montreal in 1963)
1.2  Pauline m. Victor Thompson (lived Montreal in 1963)
1.3  Muriel m. John Davidson (lived Amherst in 1963)
1.4  Barbara (lived Halifax in 1963)
1.5  Clarence (lived Truro in 1963)
Eula Mae d. ~ Feb. 12, 1963 River Hebert, N.S.  obituary
2.  Alice b. Jan. 8, 1890 N.S.
1881 Census
1901 Census
There were also two other Black Bowles families in nearby counties:
1881 Census Local District No. 2, Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia (12 B) p. 20 house 93  reel # C-13170
Samuel Bowls           M       Male    African          62      USA    Labourer        C. Meth.
Caroline H. Bowls      M       Fem.    African          55      NS                         C. Meth.
Benjamin F. Bowls              Male    African          12      USA    in school        C. Meth.       
Ellenor Rogers          W       Fem.    African          91      NS      blind            Ch. Of Eng.
1901 Census Hants district (34), St. Croix (m) p. 23  Film T-6452
William H. Bowles      M       Head   M    Dec. 25, 1863   38    NS    African    C of E.   Genl. Labour
Eliza J.                      F       wife    M     Oct. 27, 1875   26    NS    African    C of E.
Mary E.                      F       daug.  S     June 12, 1899    2    NS    African    C of E.
Percy                        M       son     S     Oct. 5, 1900            NS    African    C of E.


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