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The Bowles of Guelph Township

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Ellen Boles b. ~1846 Northumberland, Eng. (Matthew b. ~ 1815, Isabella Humble) of Guelph
m. Joseph Whiteside (b. ~1844; George, Jane) June 14, 1868 Guelph twp.
Hannah Boles b. ~1848 England (Matthew, Isabel Humble) of Guelph
m. Newry Haygard Oliver (b. 1845; Henry Oliver, Carol Haygard) 1867
(lost the date during transcription; check original source)
1901 Census of Ontario, Wellington South (126), Guelph city (e-3), p. 2, line 34, house 17
William Boles       M      lodger   S      June 10, 1879    21        Ont.     Eng.     Meth.   Bricklayer
Ernest Bowles m. Gertrude Kate Clarkson (b. ~ 1912)
            1. Katharine Bowles m. Jack McKenzie (lives Ariss)
                        1.1 John McKenzie
                        1.2  Kathy McKenzie m. Mr. Freure
                        1.3  Jan m. Mr. Hattle
                        Jack d. < 2004
            2.  Donna Bowles m. Bill English (lives Brantford)
                        2.1  Tracy English
                        2.2  Mary English
                        2.3  Karen English m. Mr. McIlroy
                        2.4  David English
                        Bill d. < 2004
            3.  Anne Bowles m. Dennis Siefried (lives Guelph)
                        3.1  Becky Siefried
Ernest d. bef. 2004
Kate d. Sept. 23, 2004 Fergus (just north of Guelph) 
Kenneth J. Bowles m. Barbara Jane Brydson (b. 1935 ) ~ 1955 (lived rural Guelph twp.)
1.  Kevin Bowles m. Terri (lives Bermuda)
2.  Greg Bowles m. Laurie (lives Guelph)
Barbara d. Apr. 22, 2005 Guelph
Kenneth living in 2005

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