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The Early History of the Coopers in co. Carlow 

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For more on the deed memorials mentioned on this and the above two pages see The Coopers of co. Carlow, Queens county and Dublin Deed Memorials
While there were many prominent Cooper families in Ireland's history, my specific interest is with my Bowles of Ballickmoyler's landlords, The Coopers of Coopers Hill, Queens county.  The earliest records I have been able to trace for that line was in the late 1600's in co. Carlow, the neighbouring county to the east of Queens county.  Edward Cooper, son of Thomas Cooper of Newtown co. Carlow, bought the lease to the townlands of Sreagh, Cadagh and Ballymoyler (Shragh now Coopers Hill, Cuddagh now Cloydah and Ballickmoyler) in 1714.  He soon relocated to Shragh where he established his Coopers Hill Demesne and leased the rest of his land to tenants including my ancestor John Bowles' parents some time before 1740.
Edward Cooper had adopted the faith of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in the 1690's and raised his family in the Quaker faith.  However, there were other Coopers in that same area in Carlow who remained in the Church of Ireland, which would likely have created a rift within a family.  It seems to have at first.  A Thomas Cooper of Templepeter, co. Carlow worked as a tithe collector for the Templepeter parish from 1697 to 1705.  A tithe was the fee payable by every farmer in a parish, regardless of their faith, to support the C of I parish church and its priest.  People of the Quaker faith would not pay tithes so the tithe collectors would seize whatever produce (sheep, cattle, grain etc.) from the Friend's farms that they decided would cover the tithes owed.  These seizures were supported by law and could be enforced by military support if needed.  As the Friends were peaceful they would allow the seizures and merely have them recorded in their meeting's minutes as their 'sufferings'.  The sufferings for the Carlow Meeting record Thomas Cooper's seizures in Templepeter and Gilbertstown parishes from John Boles and Robert Lecky both close associates of Thomas and Edward Cooper of Clonegah near Newtown.  Clonegah was in the neighbouring parish of Agha and likely partly in Fenagh parish as Thomas and Edward Cooper had seizures made by the tithe collectors from both of those parishes.  See Cooper Family Members On Both Sides of the Tithe Seizures in co. Carlow
However, relations between the two Cooper lines seems to have survived that period as the two had frequent contact over the years.  So many that there must have been a very close familial connection between them although, so far, I can only speculate what the connection was.
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 but in this case the C of I Coopers maintained a close connection to the Quaker Coopers.
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