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The Coopers of co. Carlow, Queens county and Dublin Deed Memorials

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The following extract summaries are of deed memorials on file in the Deeds Office in Dublin which relate to the Cooper family histories on the above mentioned pages.  The deed memorial reference numbers are in the format volume/page/number where 'volume' is the volume number of the deeds book, 'page' is the page number in that volume and 'number' is the number of the relevant deed memorial on that page.
Memorial 28/98/16678  Cooper et al to Cooper  registered Sept. 19, 1720
A memorial of deeds of lease and release dated Aug. 28 & 29, 1720 between Thomas Cooper of Graige (Graigue), Queens county, Gent and Edward Jolie of Dublin, Gent of one part and William Cooper of Dublin, Gent of the other part whereby Thomas Cooper and Edward Jolie granted two plots of ground in the town of Graige commonly called Bumbricks Plots containing approximately one and a half acres with all houses gardens and other improvements to William Cooper his heirs etc. in the same manner as the same were granted to Thomas Cooper by the Rt. Hon. Henry Earl of Thomond by deed dated Sept. 6, 1712 and as the same is now held and enjoyed by Edward Joly and his undertenants 
witnesses: William Hogan and Bruen Worthington, notary public
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