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The Bowles of Kilcooly, co. Tipperary's Connection to the Bowles of Oola, co. Limerick


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The Bowles of The Commons in Kilcooly parish and The Bowles of Oola were both Catholic descendants of Protestant origin.

The Bowles of Oola descended from a John Boles who died at Gurtvehane in 1802 at age 76  and was buried in the Oola cemetery which was then in Solohead parish (so he was b. ca. 1726).  He can safely be assumed to be the same John Bowles who is listed in the 1776 Religious Census as a Protestant citizen of Doon parish (the parish adjacent to Solohead to the NW).  In that same census there are no Bowles listed in the Parish of Solohead although there is one unreadable name in the Protestant list which appears in the transcriptions only as John ??.  From his son George, born ca. 1754, and on down, his descendants were Catholic.  He would have married a Catholic woman around 1747-1753.

Anyone who is generally aware of the long history of religious rivalries in Ireland might think it unusual that a Protestant would marry a Catholic in such an environment.  However there was a period in Ireland in the mid- to late-1700's when that was not at all unusual, please read The Background to the Protestant/Catholic 'Troubles' Particularly in the Southern Counties in the early 1800's

The Bowles of Kilcooly, both the Protestant and the Catholic members, had their origin with a Protestant member of the Bowles of Killenaule marrying a Catholic member of the Meagher (Maher) family.  (this statement may be incorrect)

Anna Bowles (born about 1718-1728) married James Meagher around 1746 as they baptized two children in the Killenaule RC church in 1748 and 1751.  Then we also have Joseph Bowles (born ca. 1760 and believed to be Protestant) marrying Ellen Mackey about 1760 and living at Springhill, the townland adjacent to Killenaule.  Their children, all Catholic, were the Bowles siblings living at The Commons.  Their son George married a Margaret Maher (Meagher) about 1806 and baptized three children at Gortnahoe, the RC parish church for The Commons.

Then in 1821 we have another George Bowles marrying another Margaret Maher (Meagher) in Killenaule.  They were likely related to the above George Bowles and Margaret Maher, partly because of their Killenaule connection note but mostly because they had to obtain special dispensation from the church to marry.  Their marriage entry in the Killenaule RC Church register states them to be of '3rd & 3rd consanguinity'.  That means that they had a common ancestor three generations earlier, they had the same great grandfather.  As they would have been born no later than around 1800 their common great grandfather Bowles or Meagher would have been born around 1740 or earlier and one of his children married a Meagher or Bowles.

Note: both Meagher and Maher are Anglicized versions of the Irish Ó Meachair and are interchangeable as the spelling was dependent entirely on the particular parish clerk's idea of how the name should be spelt.
Anna Bowls (b. ca. 1728 or earlier) m. Jacob (James) Meagher  

1.  ? Meagher bp. May 29, 1748 Killenaule RC; Godfather: Jacob (James) Aheiran (likely Ahearne) and Godmother Joan S....

2.  Joanna Meagher bp. Nov. 17, 1751 Killenaule RC; Godfather: Hugo (Hugh?) Kelly and Godmother:  (blank)


 George Bowles b. ca. 1785  m. Margaret Maher ca. 1806
(they were living in The Commons in 1807 and 1812 when they baptized children at Gortnahoe (RC) church)
1.  unreadable name (son) bp. Dec. 9, 1807 Gortnahoe, Kilcooly; Sponsors: William Barran and Mary Courtney
2.  Elizabeth Bowles bp. Feb. 23, 1812 Gortnahoe; Sponsors: Patrick Fogarty and Rose Bowles (George's sister)
3.  Ellen Bowles bp. June 12, 1822 Gortnahoe; Witness: Catherine Courtney
George Bowles m. Margaret Meagher Feb. 28, 1821 Clonbrogan (but entered in the register of Killenaule RC); Witnesses: Patrick Heany, Charles Fitzpatrick and Margaret Gleeson
(with special dispensation due to their 3rd & 3rd consanguinity, they had the same grandfather) 
1.  Mary Bowles bp. Sept. 25, 1821 Sologhead RC parish, Limerick (which includes Oola); Sponsors: George Bowles and Mary Dwyer
2.  Anastasia Bowels bp. May 26, 1826 Sologhead RC; Sponsors: Jacob (James) Dwyer and Brigitte Mulloy
3.  George Bowles bp. Apr. 22, 1838 Sologhead RC;  (parents lived Kealogue, next to Oola) Sponsors: Dionysus (often the formal version of Denis) Bowls and Anna Molloy

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