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Joshua Bowles of Norwich

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Joshua Bowles of Norwich

A Joshua Bowles bp. Jan. 7, 1719 Great Yarmouth, son of Robert and Elizabeth Bowles of Yarmouth, Norfolk was possibly the same person as the following Joshua: (not proven)
Joshua Bowles m. Sara Buck Sept. 19, 1743 St John Timberhill
1.  Robert Bowles bp. Sept. 23, 1744 St John Timberhill
1.1  Robert Bowles (illegitimate) b. May 16, bp. May 19, 1794 & bur. Jan. 8, 1799 Bombay, India
m. Elizabeth Aldous (bp. Jan. 31, 1780; John, Elizabeth Parker) Dec. 17, 1811 St Pancras, London
(he had a 35 year career in India where he rose to the rank of Major-General and was Commander-in-Chief of the East India Company Army in Bombay 1800-01)
See Major-General Robert Bowles
1.2  Robert Bowles b. June 7, 1813 London (although his legitimacy would be fought in the courts for many years)
(brick manufacturer and member of Wageningen Council, The Netherlands)
See The Bowles of Wageningen and Their English Roots by Jan Ritsema van Eck for a well researched paper on Major-General Robert Bowles' career including a full genealogy for his family.
d. Sept. 6, 1812 London bur. Sept. 12, 1812 St George Bloomsbury
2.  Elizabeth Bowles bp. Sept. 28, 1746 St John Timberhill
3.  Henry Buck Bowles bp. Oct. 2, 1748 St John Timberhill
m. Christiana Thomson Feb. 1778 Palamcotta, India
(Captain of the Nabob of Arcot's Cavalry; further details of his life can be found in the above paper on his brother Robert)
3.1  Anne Bowles b. betw. 1784 and 1788, m. James Wool, d. July 8, 1835 Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
3.2  Henry Bowles bp. Oct. 1788 Arcot, India
(Captain of the 81st Reg. of Foot, magistrate for Kerry, Ireland)
m. Elizabeth Bridget Stokes Nov. 18, 1817 Tralee, Kerry
See Henry Bowles on The Bowles of Kerry
d. Feb. 1834 Sackville House, Kerry
d. Mar. 24, 1797 Madras
His Will
and his Trustee's Statement of his Estate
4.  Elizabeth Buck Bowles bp. July 21, 1751 St John Timberhill
m. John Bolingbroke Dec. 18, 1770 Norwich
5.  Sarah Bowles bp. Mar. 10, 1754 St John Timberhill
m. John Woodrow Nov. 9, 1783 St Johns, Maddermarket, Norwich
6.  Charlotte Bowles bp. Feb. 29, bur. Apr. 13, 1756 St John Timberhill
7.  Joshua Bowles bp. Sept. 4, 1757 St John Timberhill
8.  Joshua Bowles bp. Jan. 2, 1759 & bur. Apr. 28, 1760 St John Timberhill


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