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Bolles and de Meres

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I can’t quite work out the exact relationship between these two families so far but they were closely connected.

In 1379 Roger de Meres of Kirketon (Kirton)

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Where Does John Toupe Fit In?


John Toupe








The enclosure called Hill Six Acres, the site of the Old Manor House of Algarkirk, was also known as Hiptoft Hall, alias Toops Manor. It was held in the 13th century by the Hiptofts, in the 14th century by the Toops and from the 15th to 18th century by the Meres. Sir John Meres, last of the line, died in 1736. It is also traditionally the site of the chief mansion of Algar, Earl of Mercia, who died in 870 AD. A moat enclosed about 10 acres. On the southern side, where the house stood, were the brick foundations of a drawbridge. On the north there had been a large building, probably a watchtower.




210  20 Ric II   (1396)


The same document in the National Archives catalogue:


Reference: C 143/427/15


Katherine late the wife of Ralph Bolle of Swineshead, and John Toup to grant land in Algarkirk to a chaplain at the altar of St. Mary in the church there, the said Katherine retaining land in Swineshead and Algarkirk. Lincoln.

Date: 20 RICHARD II. (1396)

Held by:     The National Archives, Kew

Legal status:       Public Record


Inquiry whether Catherine widow of Randolph Bolle may alienate land to a chaplain of St Mary de Algerkirke church

The lands to be granted were 1 acre and 1 rood, and owed suit of court to Hyptofthalle (ie Hiptoft Hall, the Manor of Algarkirke at Hill Six Acres).


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