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The Boles Cure for Ruptures

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Richard Boles and his wife Catherine Rogers were married in the Quaker faith in Cork 1704.  They lived at Ballynalty, the western portion of the 'Great Plowland of Moyge' which the first Richard Boles of Moyge was granted in 1666.  See The Boles of Cork    After that Richard apparently returned to Ballynalty as on Nov. 22, 1717 the Dublin meeting decided to write to Nicholas Harris of the Charelville Meeting to ask if Richard 'was in unity with the Friends when he left there or whether he had been disowned for any of the disorders conceded by him'. He doesn't seem to have been disowned but his behaviour did not improve.  The minutes of the Dublin Meeting on Dec. 5, 1717 show that Richard was to be admonished for challenging a fellow Quaker to a duel which went against acceptable behaviour by a Friend and also against the society's refusal to bear weapons.
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