The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and England 


Calendar of Wills and Administrations 1396-1558

Source: Original Volume by Henry R. Plomer Pub.1920, Canterbury Cathedral Library 

Bolle         Boll           Richard       Chartham               1495 PRC17/6/126
Bolle                        William       Chartham               1509 PRC17/11/87
Bolle                        John          Chartham               1521 PRC17/15/55
Bolle                        John          Seasalter              1472 PRC17/2/123
Bolle                        Richard       Seasalter              1475 PRC17/2/412
Bolle          Boll          Thomas        Seasalter              1479 PRC17/3/259
Bolle          Boll          Richard       Borstal Seasalter      1479 PRC17/3/279
Bolle                        William       Seasalter              1481 PRC17/3/388
Bolle                        Alice         Seasalter              1493 PRC17/5/402
Bolle                        Henry         Sandwich               1463 PRC17/1/126
Bowell                       Isabel        Sandwich               1525 PRC17/17/12
Bolle                        Henry         Sandwich               1533 PRC17/20/25
Bolle          Boll          Henry         Milton                 1501 PRC17/8/56
Bowell                       Alice         Milton                 1487 PRC17/4/123
Bolle          Bole          Thomas        Iwade (by Milton)      1528 PRC17/18/59
Bolle          Boll          Joane         Appledore              1503 PRC17/8/259
Bolle                        John          Appledore              1502 PRC17/8/231
Bolle                        John          Whitstable             1472 PRC17/2/144
Bowell         Bowle         Richard       Whitstable             1534 PRC17/20/71
Bolle          Boll          John          Whitstable             1544 PRC17/23/254
Bolle          Boll          Katherine     Whitstable             1557 PRC17/30/276
Bolle          Boll          Stephen       Great Mongeham         1552 PRC3/13/32 AD
Bowle          Bowll         Stephen       Great Mongeham         1552 PRC17/30/182
Bolle                        John          Canterbury             1484 PRC32/3/42
Bolle                        Thomas        Reculver               1510 PRC32/10/57
Bowell                       Richard       Kingsdown              1511 PRC17/12/91
Bowell                       Thomas        Teynham                1517 PRC17/13/11
Bowell                       William       Sittingbourne          1517 PRC17/12/600
Bowle                        William       Lydd                   1526 PRC32/14/179
Bolle          Boll          Richard       Chislet                1528 PRC3/6/83
Bolle          Boll          William       Patrixbourne           1531 PRC3/8/7 AD
Bolle          Boll          John          Warehorne              1536 PRC17/21/33
Bowle                        John          Dover                  1556 PRC32/26/145


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