The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and England 

Bowles References in the St Mary's Carlow (Church of Ireland) Register
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See also Bowles References in the Castletown (Church of Ireland) Register
The original church register was consulted at the Representative Church Body Library in Dublin (St. Mary’s Carlow book 2, Reference #: P. 317.1.2)



PAGE  YEAR      DATE                GIVEN NAME   PARENTS

p. 11  1747       March 31st        Joseph       son of John and Ann Bowles.  Killeshin

p. 37  1757       July 24th           James       son to William & Mary Bowles  By Rich’d Mills (see note below)

p. 55  1774       June 20th          Robt.        son to Wm. And Sarah Bowles

p. 57  1775       May 21st           Jane          daughter to Jno and Mary Bowls (sic)

p. 105 1810       May 7th            Eliza         daughter of Joseph and Jane Bowles (Note beside this entry "Omitted, about")

p. 107 1811       Nov 9th           John          son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles

p. 108 1812       Jan 26th           Margaret    daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles

p. 110 1814       April 17            Joseph      son of Joseph and Jane Bowles

p. 122 1821       May 17th          Eliza.        daughter of Joseph and (Blank) (probably Elizabeth) Bowles



PAGE  YEAR       DATE              NAMES

p. 16    1748       Aug 27th          Robert Carr and Ann Bowles, being called in Church July the 31st, Aug 7th & 14th

p. 35    1756       Oct. 17th         William Bowles to Mary Harborne  by Richard Mills (see note below)

p. 46    1764       July 9th            Jno Bowles to Eliz. McGrath with Lycence

p. 52    1772       April 21st         Joseph Bowels and Ann Tunstead with Lycence

p. 104  1808       Feb 27th          Joseph Bowles to Jane Feltus, both of this parish, by Licence  by Mr. Digby

p. 107  1811       June 16th.        James Bale and Mary Budds (probably not James Bowles)

p. 108  1812       Aug 31st.         John Graham and Lucinda Bowles


Note: The above mentioned Rev'd. Richard Mills graduated from Trinity College in Dublin in 1750  He was the Minister at St. Mary's Carlow from April 1754 to November 1757. Later he was the rector of Annaclone, co. Down from 1776 to 1804.  This may be a line to follow up to find the marriage of my direct ancestor, John Bowles, to an Ann Mills in 1799 as I cannot find any other trace of her locally.  Several Bowles families also appear at Newry, co. Down in about 1819 near where Rev'd. Richard Mills held land.  In 1829, John Bowles of Drumjavlin and Richard Mills Jr. of Clare both held land in co. Down under the same landlord, the Earl of Moira.  This could be a coincidence or a connection between the Carlow Bowles and the co. Down Bowles through the Mills family.

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