The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and England 

See also The Bowles of Dunleckney, co. Carlow

Extracts from the Dunleckney, co. Carlow (Church of Ireland) Parish Registry

Bowles Surname

Thomas, son of John Bowles and Anne his wife, born July 30, 1808 and christened Aug. 21, 1808, registerd by Weldon J. Molony, Vicar.

John, son of John Bowles and Anne his wife, born June 22, 1811 and christened July 2, 1811, and registered March 28, 1812 by Weldon J. Molony, Vicar.

Robert, son of John Bowles and Mary his wife, born Sept. 27, 1813 and christened Sept. 30, 1813 by curate, registered Apr. 9, 1814 by Weldon J. Molony, Vicar.   Note: Robert is My Direct Ancestor!  I looked for this record for 7 years.  Still why does this one say his wife was Mary rather than Anne?

Jane, daughter of William Bowles and Susan his wife, was born Jan. 23, 1817 and christened Jan. 31, 1817 by the Curate and registered by Weldon J. Molony, Vicar.

Anne, daughter of John Bowles and Anne his wife, was born Feb. 5, 1817 and christened Feb. 12, 1817 by the Curate and registered by Weldon J. Molony, Vicar.


Note: the above are all Bowles from Ballickmoyler, Queen's county (now co. Laois).  See The Bowles of Ballickmoyler.

John Bowles m. Anne Mills ~ 1799
children born from 1800 to 1808 were William, Sarah and Mary.  The Dunleckney register covers the years those children were born but they are not listed there so they were born before the family moved to Dunleckney.
Born in Dunleckney:
Thomas July 30, 1808
John b. June 22, 1811
Robert b. Sept. 1813
Anne b. Feb. 5, 1817
This family is on the list of 709 families in the "Return of Protestant Families preparing to emigrate from the Counties of Carlow and Wexford in the ensuing Spring. Refs: November. 1817" which was compiled for the Governor of Canada that year.  They would have sailed from New Ross in the spring of 1818 and settled into their new life in Quebec City that Fall.  See The Bowles of Quebec City

The second family is (95% sure):

William Bowles b. ~ 1765 (parents: William Bowles and Mary Harborne of Ballickmoyler)
m. ?
1.  William Jr. b. ~ 1800
m.  Susan
1.1  Jane b. Jan. 23, 1817
William Jr. d. 1886 Carlow (age 86)
William Sr. d. Dec. 1816 Dunleckney, bur. Dec. 16, 1816 Castletown-Killabban Church, Castletown, Queen's co.

The 5% possibility is that John Bowles oldest son William (b. 1800) was married to a Susan and they were the parents of Jane in 1817.  However in that case both Jane and Susan would have had to have died before 1818 when the family went to Canada as William married shortly after arriving there.  There is nothing in the Dunleckney parish records to indicate that Susan and Jane died. 

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